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SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ TMC Free Reads

Good Morning, darlings, and welcome once again to The Mighty Crayon. Uh. Wait. The Marvelous Clan? Or how about... This Magnificent Club.... Oh, okay, never mind, it's just your regular broadcast from Thursday Morning Coffee (wink). I hope that's what you've come for, at any rate.

This being the month of May, the month of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, and the fact that I get to go to one of my favorite places, New Orleans... I am going to offer Three in the Dungeon free on Amazon while I am away getting drunk on Bourbon Street learning more about my craft, from May 23 through May 25th.

(Yes, I will link to it here on May 23rd - so long as the blog auto-posts the way it is supposed to).

Oh! But what if you haven't read Above the Dungeon and Out of the Dungeon yet? I mean, book 3 isn't much good without books 1 and 2, right?


Well. This is true. So here is my sneaky little trick.

I'm going to drop coupon codes so ya'all can have both books free from Smashwords, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

Above the Dungeon - use coupon code TX53B

Out of the Dungeon - use coupon code LB94C

There. The coupons are good till... hmm, the 10th of June, I do believe.

And you know - if you like my Dungeon series, you really should check out my Vampire DeVante books, available from Rebel Satori Press in paperback or ebook (Amazon) (Smashwords) - they're more vampire than erotica, but you know how I am - the erotica tends to sneak in there when I forget to close the door.

Here's what I'll be up to...

My list of planned activities...


In both memoir and fiction we often have a clear vision of what will happen when we start to write a scene. We are sometimes trapped by our own expectation of what should, would or did happen in the scenes we create. Instead of allowing them to unfold naturally, we try to force them into our “fixed” idea of what they should be. This is because we think we “know” what happened and what we want to show. Elana Dykewomon, author of seven award-winning books, will lead this workshop in exploring the various ways to reclaim your scene from your own expectations. Bring your preferred writing implements.


Go from a wordsmith to an artist by understanding the key role that theme plays in your fiction. Deft handling of theme and it’s multiple facets is what drives plot, characterization, setting, in short…it’s the key to making art. Work with Jess Wells on identifying the theme in your work, crafting the “only to discover that” moment in your plot/story-arc/characterization, and the way to make your characters the embodiment of theme.

Friday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m.: GLITTER WITH THE LITERATI

Come to our welcome party and experience true Southern Hospitality in the beautiful courtyard of the Hermann-Grima House—a chance to meet the authors that will be speaking during the weekend as well as some of New Orleans’ colorful characters. There will be plenty of “spirits” along with tasty treats. Prior to the Civil War, prosperous Creole families enjoyed an elegant lifestyle in the Vieux Carre. Walk through this meticulously restored residence and experience the Golden Age of New Orleans. Built in 1831, Hermann-Grima House is one of the most significant residences in New Orleans. This handsome Federal mansion with its courtyard garden boasts the only horse stable and functional 1830s outdoor kitchen in the French Quarter. Location: Hermann-Grima House, 820 Saint Louis Street.

I haven't been to the Glitter with the Literati party before, so that'll be a new experience. I've been told it's definitely something I shouldn't be missing.

Aside from these Master Classes, there will be panel discussions - and this conference tends to offer a wide variety of topics in writing and publishing, including how to blog and tweet effectively (yeah, in one ear and out the other - LOL - I do whatever the fuck I want, in that regard).

And in between is, of course, all the fun to be found in the French Quarter. 

We stay at Olivier House, just half a block from Bourbon Street, and right smack dab in the middle of EVERYTHING. The staff are fabulous, the hotel itself a crazy warren of unique rooms. 

We shall breakfast at Cafe Beignet, and lunch at Magnolia Grill. And dinner at the Gyro stand... in between liquid delights.

Hmm... We shall spend most of our killing-time time at Johnny White's Hole-in-the-wall.

And a trip to the Quarter must must must MUST include a visit to... Boutique du Vampyre (which has a sneaky connection to Johnny White's, actually... via our favorite bartender and Boutique owner Marita...)

Hmmm.... what else to I love? Oooh, latenight or hangover morning breakfast at the Clover Grill - hell yes! And the bar just down Dumaine, not too far from the leather shop, that welcomes dogs.

Ahhhh, sigh, there is so much to love! And some of my favorite people are attending - Sven Davisson from Rebel Satori press, and his partner Nate - whom I love love love and adore. And Emanuel Xavier - oh, yay! I adore him, as well. And I can't ever forget Greg Herren... or Ceceila Tan... or... or... there's just soooo many people to love at Saints and Sinners. Yay!

Have a great weekend, darlings!

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