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SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Jack Reacher

Good morning, darlings, and welcome to Totally Manipulating Carnivores. (Eh, you say? Heh, I say. My work here is done).

Kind of a weird topic on my agenda, yeah, I know, but have you SEEN the Jack Reacher movie? Movie fans, what did you think?

Okay, now....... fans of the books written by Lee Child featuring the character Jack Reacher - what did you think?

Here's my take.... the movie was pretty much okay. I mean, it followed the book and everything, and even if I couldn't buy into Tom Cruise as my beloved Reacher, it was still a fairly entertaining flick. The trouble with Cruise is.... A) he's not TALL enough. Reacher is like.... 6'5" and built like a brick shit-house. Sledgehammer hands. Way more.... the Rock than Tom Cruise. (Besides... Cruise is pretty much to the point in his career where the only character he can play is.... Tom Cruise. You know?

THIS random guy to the right would be a better Jack Reacher. And I am NOT kidding.

From Lee Child's website:

Name: Jack Reacher
Born: October 29
Measurements: 6'5", 220-250 lbs., 50" chest
Hair: Dirty-blond
Eyes: Ice Blue
Clothing: 3XLT coat, 95 cm pants' inseam

The other beef I had with Cruise as Reacher is that Cruise just doesn't look mean enough. Ever. Reacher has the steady piercing arrogant stare that makes even six feet tall and bullet proof stand down, that makes lesser men run away with their tails between their legs.


Cruise has arrogant down, sure, but it's a whole different kind of arrogance. Cruise's arrogance says, "Hey, I'm great, people love me, I love what I'm doing, and I'm having a really joyful great time."

There is nothing wrong with this kind of arrogance. I employ it myself, actually, and often. But it's the kind of arrogance that's more... "I love being me."

And Jack Reacher might love being Jack Reacher, but that's not the kind of arrogance he walks around with. Oh, no. His brand of arrogance is a lot less "I love being me" and a lot more "DON'T FUCK WITH ME."


Okay, now to the left.... another random person who could pull off Jack Reacher better than Cruise.

Trust. (Of course, the rifle totally adds to the effect).

Now... if you liked the movie AT ALL and you like to read AT ALL, you must, must, must read the Jack Reacher novels. The author is Lee Child.

The first book in the series is called The Killing Floor, but it's not necessary to read the books in a particular order. The author's website says so. But... some of us like to read books in the order they were written, so here's a link to a lovely list in printable PDF that I found on Child's website.

Okay... back to the movie. What did I think about the movie, aside from the fact that I didn't find Cruise a convincing Reacher?

I get to ask myself, because it's MY blog, and in this one teeny-tiny corner of the world, my opinion actually matters the most. Here. And probably ONLY here, so forgive me for shooting my mouth off.

Well, to tell you the truth, the Jack Reacher movie was based on the novel called One Shot, and it was a particularly cerebral novel - a puzzle, really, that Reacher had to put in some time to work out. Which, frankly, (and in my own personal opinion, of course) makes for an intriguing novel wherein even the questions don't always make sense.... but I thought it sort of made for a rather slow movie.

I mean, especially a Reacher movie.

Not that I didn't like the movie. I did. I swear. It was fine.

I just liked the book better.

But the thing is... it's always like that for me. Except for Harry Potter. I find those books AND those movies to be equally tedious. So there.

Which Reacher novel is my absolute favorite, you ask? (Yeah, yeah, I know, you didn't ask. I asked for you, but only because I'm dying to tell you. My favorite is Reacher #2, Die Trying. You should try it.

Happy Thursday, Darlings, hope you have a safe weekend of fun or relaxation - whichever one you need more. May you not drink yourself sick, may you not get called into work, and may you not have to go to the Emergency Department of your local hospital for any reason whatsoever. So says I... believe in the power of SM! (only because nobody does, really, and it'd be fun if they did).

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