Thursday, July 4, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Read This Book

Good morning, Darlings, and welcome to TMC! (Too Many Confessions or Tween Mini Convention or....)


Thursday. Morning. Coffee.

On Independence Day.

I'm going to be in a parade. Well, let me qualify that. I'm going to be in the air-conditioned cab of a tow-truck float in a parade. My child, with her co-actors for an upcoming play, will actually be on top of the truck-float, doing all the waving and tossing candy and such.

My message today is not deep or heavy or complicated.

It is delightfully simple: READ THIS BOOK! Because it is hysterically funny. No, really, it is. The praise on the back cover or wherever that says you will laugh out loud is NOT LYING. Utter truth. In fact, my hardcover copy has little slips of paper bookmarking all sorts of pages because I laughed so hard I was in danger of peeing myself, and I knew I would HAVE to read them to my husband, later, so I could laugh all over again, in an environment (home) where peeing myself is less of a humiliation than it would be at work.

This is so.... rare, in books.

Jenny Lawson is also known as The Bloggess, and so you can follow her blog, as well as read her book, which makes you (and me) very lucky. So go, check out her blog.... meanwhile.... apparently there's no room for me in the air-conditioned cab of the tow truck, so I will likely be smiling and waving and feeling silly from on top of the thing. Sigh. Hopefully there won't be any sudden break checks (grin and wink).

I was going to quote some stuff from the book, but it's late and I just finished watching the final episode of Jekyll (all six episodes are AMAZING, promise).

 So ya'll should put on a Poise panty guard and get the book. It hit #1 on the NYT list for a reason. Seriously. The only warning I'm going to give you is there are a few, okay, maybe more  than a few, F-bombs. But they're strategically placed to make you laugh harder. Well, to make ME laugh harder. Honest.

I would not lie to you, my beloved darlings.

Have a really fun (but really safe) Independence Day.

And feel free to feel just the littlest bit sorry for me, having to be in a parade and all.


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