Thursday, August 22, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Who do you trust?

Good morning, darlings, and welcome to a very brief coffee break. Today I'm asking a question, for both readers and writers.

And the question is...

Who do you trust?

Readers - who do you trust to recommend books that you will love? Reviewers? Bloggers?  Book blogs? Goodreads? The NYT best seller list? The fact that a book jacket or description tells you it is a best-seller?

I'd love it if you'd drop names (links) in the comments about the people who've proven trustworthy for book recs, for you.

Writers - who do you trust to read your early draft and give advice? Or, if you don't want to share those gems, what kind of feedback do you look for - gentle praise, with careful suggestions? Brutal opinions, because you've given up being sensitive and have grown a skin thick enough to withstand critics... those willing to copy edit (point out typos and spelling or grammatical errors? A person who's read most of your stuff and has some understanding of your style, your characters, your story? (The dream, of course). I'd love to hear about it.

My answers? Well, laugh if you want to, but I read 2 and 3 star reviews before I buy any ebook that costs more than  probably four dollars. Often what other people hate, I love. So sometimes even a 1-star or "I wish I could give this zero stars" is an immediate purchase for me, depending upon the reasons the reviewer hated the book.

I tend to trust the NYT book lists, but don't rush out to buy those books - waiting for paperback copies at the library. I like the reviews at Big Al's Books and Pals, I've been following Wicked Li'l Pixie for awhile, and I like the depth of their reviews, but I don't buy Harlequins or other traditional romance - but still, the buys I've risked because of the reviews there have rarely been disappointing. Another review blog I follow is Fangs, Wands & Fairydust for great YA recommends (there are some amazing YA books out there) and reviews of all kinds of paranormal series. I'm also a member of several groups on Goodreads, and this is a great resource, as well.

My beta readers are awesome. Every one finds different and helpful things to tell me, and am so grateful they take the time to give me feedback. I'm lucky, because I DO have the dream. And I'm so lucky.

I also beta read for a couple of my favorite writers - and while I try not to be brutal, I do tend to be blunt and to the point. It takes me too long to type up notes if I have to be careful about feelings. And I adore pointing out typos, because I FREAKING HATE them in my own work. Those little fingertip cockroaches should be trained to self-destruct. (Right?)

Well? What are you waiting for? Tell me, who do you trust?

Happy Thursday-thank-everything-tomorrow's-Friday Day, darlings. Play safe all weekend, k?


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