Thursday, September 5, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Birthday Presents ~

Good morning, Darlings, welcome to coffee, and happy birthday to me!

The husband is desperately trying to get me to tell him a something he can buy me for my birthday, but honestly, I must be all filled up at the moment, because I can't think of a single thing, much to his dismay. He'd love for me to say, "Yeah, get me THIS, in blue or yellow," so he could skip off and do that.

But he can't, because I am well-satisfied.

One of my very, very favorite writers published an ebook on Smashwords, and is available in all e-book formats here at Smashwords, now.

My other very favorite author sent me the latest book to beta read. I mean, poor husband, there aren't even BOOKS I would ask for at this very moment.

How odd, to be all filled up, isn't it?

(Really, I'd ask for a MerryMaid, but I know that won't be happening).

So the real news today is.... THIS BOOK!

Awwww, man, what can I even say? This one will trap you, frighten you, hurt you, and change you. It will live inside you, and even if you wish you could shake it off and resume being who you were before you read it, you probably will not be able to. It's THAT kind of story. A love story.

I think it's my birthday present to me, heh, because I helped with ebook formatting.

Buy it from Smashwords here.

Buy it from Amazon here.

Read my review on Smashwords, Amazon, or here, at Goodreads.

Visit 19's website here.

Follow 19 on Tumblr here.

Have a great weekend, darlings. Be safe out there, and give yourself permission to read something that hurts so pretty.