Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SM Johnson ~Dia de los Muertos

It is.... el Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead. And I have a gift for you. Well, sort of. I mean, you'll have to click your cute little mouse over to CreateSpace and walk your happy little fingers through the ordering process AND pay for it yourself - but STILL.

I am just the messenger, really.

And I bring you this message of a great and shining joy, the kind that will leave you curled into a ball, rocking, and possibly tearing at your skin and your hair and wishing you could unsee what you have seen. And I know (soothe and pet) that you'll never be the same, ever again, but there is no help for it, and I will be so proud of you.

Doesn't this sound like a wonderful gift?

Are you ready? Drum roll, please...

Schadenfreude (Goodreads link) 
is available in 
PAPERBACK (CreateSpace link)

buy it buy it buy it buy it

Erich Kass has a safe gray life in Berlin until he is arrested by the Gestapo for kissing another boy. The Hell he finds in Auschwitz as the property of Dr. Ahren Kaltherzig will destroy everything he thinks he knows about life and safety.

So now... you can read it in bed and... well, I'll leave the "and" to your imagination, because I suppose you don't want to admit to what you might do there while reading this book, or at least not want to admit this to the general public that is the internet. Yes (pets) I understand, my darlings. Some things can only be divulged to others like Us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fact that Schadenfreude is available in ebook format at all is purely for ease of access. For full effect, this book is meant and intended to be read in its physical form. To be held and caressed and dog-eared and adored and passed to friends, and to accepted back upon its return to you with relief and joy.

Edit for stuff I forgot:

About the author:

19 is an Aries who likes old machinery, horror movies, sushi, spaceships, goth and industrial music, shiny things, pointy things, dinosaurs, classic cars, and poisonous plants. He is quite fond of interacting with readers.

Visit him on the web: Unspeakably Beautiful Evil

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