Thursday, October 3, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Life is messy ~

Good morning, darlings, and welcome to coffee! I'm changing things up just the tiniest bit since my foray into paranormal romance is on hiatus. There are so many things I want to write about - and my themes seem to be getting more and more Dark. The vampires are just one small element, and while I plan to write one more book in the Dungeon series - this one featuring Dare and Thomas - I'm not sure if there will be more after. I felt the common thread between vampires and dungeon masters was adorably "things that go naughty in the night" - the commonality in my more recent projects seems to be "life is messy." 

I kind of like to play in the mess, you know. In the Dungeon books alone I've got failed menage relationships, unexpected pregnancies, grandmothers dying, lovers who choose prior commitments over each other, and even a broken neck! Not to mention characters whose sexuality is sometimes more fluid than either "gay" or "straight" can comfortably deal with. Issues and issues and issues.

just a mock-up
All three of my Works In Progress have elements of kidnapping and non-con. Talk about messy! And all three are more than erotica -  each is really about an average person in an extraordinarily difficult circumstance, and have overarching themes of strength, sexuality, and ultimately - finding purpose, contentment, and even joy in one's present moment. But yeah - they're also FICTION with elements of erotic FANTASY, and let's not forget that part.

We humans can and do cope with the situations we are stuck in, and the truth is - life IS messy. We all encounter road blocks and find detours - and some of us go further off our intended path than others.

So feel free to come along and follow me into the Dark. I think you might like it. (And, of course, we still have cookies and pointy objects for your enjoyment!)

2nd mock-up
What's coming up... well I'm working on a cover for Jeremiah Quick. Keep in mind the images here are quick "just playing with ideas" - using sample art to get a feel for if what I'm picturing in my head actually would work as a book cover. So far I like the first one, perhaps with the red a bit more prominent as graytone just doesn't pop. I am going for a nostalgic gothic sort of feel.

Cover design is a grand little form of procrastination, really, as I've only got a couple chapters of the first draft left to write. Then that story can percolate quietly for a couple of months. November I plan to write a first draft of Dare in the Dungeon, during the NaNoWriMo challenge. December is always a write off, what with the holidays and all. I'd like to edit Jeremiah Quick in January and get it all polished for an end of February release, and then hopefully edit and polish Dare in the Dungeon for a March release. Whew!

It would be really fun to get Jeremiah Quick into your hands in February 2014, since I started writing it in March of 2013, and there's just a beautiful feeling of completion to think I might manage to have it go from first word to published in exactly twelve months. That feels tremendously good. Like I might be a writer after all (grin).

Next week I might talk about the difference between being crazy and being a writer. Heh.

Have a fun safe weekend, darlings!


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