Saturday, December 21, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Celebrating the Winter Solstice ~

snake table holiday corner
It's funny, I have considered myself an atheist for a decade, at least, and yet have continued to celebrate holidays via typically Christian traditions. In my adult life, wherein I don't go to church or celebrate in any particular way the birth of Christ, the obligation to decorate for Christmas has been a chore for some years now.

At first I did it because I had my own house, and could do things my own way, and I was familiar with traditional Christian holiday observations, being that I was raised up Catholic and all.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

SM Johnson ~ My best reads 2013 ~

Good morning, darlings! Happy winter! (This is me putting on my happy face. Note that what appears to be a smile is, in fact, gritted teeth. Also note that I am bundled up like an Eskimo while inside my house. Also note... eh, never mind. Whining really doesn't help. Much.) This is pretty much my writing uniform - what I look like when I spend all day holed up at home in my pajamas.

I clean up a little better when I am forced to go out into the world, I swear.

Kyle the snake stopped eating about two weeks ago. Then he got extremely shy and started hiding all the time. So, me being concerned (and probably annoying), I got a flashlight and spied on him. His eyes were milky. Hmm.... milky eyes, check; refusing food, check; hiding more than usual, check. Kyle was preparing to shed his skin. It's very winter here (have I mentioned that?), and the air in the house is so dry that skin feels like paper and more than one of us has had dreams about filling the hot tub with lotion and just having a good roll around in it. Dry is not great for reptiles shedding. I moved the humidifier across the room from Kyle, kept it full, and even turned the fan up a couple of notches. I moved it across the room because it does blow out damp air, but that damp air is COLD, and of course, I really wasn't going for cold and humid.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

SM Johnson - Whoops!

Good morning, Darlings. Here we are, Thursday noon, and I forgot to invite ya'll over for coffee. My bad. In my defense.... snow snow work snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow. No school. Snow. Snow. Snow. No school again. Snow snow snow. And finally, sunshine. And COLD.

It continues to be difficult to fathom why we still live here, but whatever. This is winter.

I have a hodgepodge of thoughts to share today, so bear with me as I topic jump.