Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Happy whatever you celebrate (and an awesome new book)

Oh my darklings, it has been a while since I've shared with you. December always seems like a stressful month, and yet it always flies by so dang fast. So much holiday, and so much coordinating and shopping and baking and tradition.

It's strange around here these days in December, a combination of bowing to and/or living up to old traditions at the same time that we try to create a new kind of holiday celebration for our personal little family.

You see... we are not Christmas people. For quite a few years I suffered from ulcers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and honestly, once my father passed away in December 2007, I really felt a whole lot more stress than joy  in decorating for the holidays and pretending to be a good little Christian.

Because I'm not a good little Christian. I'm an atheist. Or, probably more correctly, an agnostic atheist. As in... I don't know if gods are real or not, and therefore I am unable to believe in them.

I did my time as a born again Christian, back in high school, when I was involved in a church-run youth group that had great youth leaders, and I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and fellowship. I liked and respected the PEOPLE, and I adored the praise and status of being "born again" - being invited up to the stage at Christian rock concerts and showered with hugs and presents because I'd accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal savior. It was all such a rush that I'd make sure I sinned plenty before the next  concert so I could do it all over again. I was born again and again and again - serially Saved.

And then one day I was embarrassed to realize I was a hypocrite.  I was up on that stage, accepting a bible from a person so happy for my "saving" that he was GLOWING, and I realized THIS was akin to a drug. I knew I was going to go out to the parking lot in a few minutes and light up a smoke. And I was going to get into my car and blast my secular music, Motley Crue. And I knew I was going to have premarital sex with my boyfriend over the upcoming weekend... but I also knew that it didn't matter - I could be as bad as I wanted to be, and so long as I confessed my badness and made myself feel sorry for oh, a minute and a half or so, I would automatically be forgiven. And when I was forgive, I'd get a brand new new pristine slate.

The realist in me took a step back. I was forgiven if I smoked. I was forgiven if I listened to forbidden music. I was forgiven if I had sex outside of holy matrimony. I would be forgiven if I lied, stole, or murdered someone. Were child rapists forgiven as easily as I was? Well shit. There's something wrong with this belief system... no one actually GETS PUNISHED FOR ANYTHING. No matter how terrible their crime, all they had to do for redemption was ASK and BELIEVE.



And that was when it hit me - I didn't believe. Not only did I not believe RIGHT THEN, but I had never been able to believe. As a four year old forced to attend Catholic mass every week, I did not believe. I have never had one molecule of that thing called FAITH that allows people KNOW in their hearts that there is a GOD or a JESUS or a HEAVEN.

This isn't a rant. And this is definitely not me telling anyone else what to believe - it's just me explaining why I find the holidays stressful. There's just so much GOD everywhere, and so much we're happy because of Jesus, and so much goodwill and charity in the name of the holiday season. And I think people should be kind and filled with goodwill and charity all year long, honestly. I don't think donating to the Salvation Army in December is a get out of hell free card, yanno?

So here's what happened last year: Our fake tree and decorations got snowed into the shed and were not available for annoying me. (Prior years I have managed to put the tree up the weekend before Christmas, and take it down and put it away the day after. No one who lives here ever helps for more than eight minutes). So. I put up a wreath. I said that since we are not religious, and since ten-year-old Sprite no longer believes in Santa, we would celebrate winter solstice. And to make it fun, we would each get to open one present every day between winter solstice and Christmas Day, so long as we could explain what we did that day that was kind or good or helpful to someone else.

This year, I suggested selling the tree, and was met with resistance. Until I said there will be no tree if there is no help putting up and decorating the tree. And then I got, "Wait, can't we do what we did last year?"

So. Yay!

I spent Solstice weekend building the ebook for  Hero's Torch by my good friend and totally kick ass author, 19. I read his stuff before we were friends. And yeah, was all like, omg omg omg, I have to know this person. And these stories must exist. So *happy dance* here's another one.

Fear and faith are indivisible on the Republic of Earth. Privacy is nonexistent, creativity is a crime, and intelligence is a heresy.

Leander Schaiden has spent his young life in a battle against the Church, seeking any freedom he can steal. 

The Septarch is immortal and all-powerful, far beyond the control of the Republic. 

Leander considers him a tale told to frighten children. 

Leander is wrong.

Buy ebook from Smashwords

Buy ebook or paperback from Amazon

I will have news about my next new book the very next time I write. Which, hopefully, will be more like next WEEK rather than next MONTH.

No matter what you celebrate, I hope you're having an enjoyable holiday season. And if you're not, well, it'll all be over soon, and we'll see what sort of wonderfulness comes our way in 2015.

Have a fun and safe weekend, my darklings!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

SM Johnson ~ A heathen Thanksgiving

Good morning, Darklings,

I hope you have good food and good company or good holiday pay on your agenda for this Thanksgiving Day.

I admit that I'm a bit of a heathen, in that I don't embrace Christian holidays or white anglo-saxon holidays or whatever.

But I'm not one to ever complain about good food, especially good food that does not have to be cooked by me. And so I celebrate Thanksgiving and the fact that my husband really likes to cook. For today's menu we will be having turkey and stuffing, (oh crap, I think we forgot cranberry sauce, this is terrible! Fcuk. What am I going to use for jelly on my turkey sandwich on Friday?) and mashed potatoes and gravy and candied sweet potatoes and jell-o salad and chips and dip (and did I mention ham?) and pumpkin pie. And five guests plus the three of us equals a whole lot of food for eight people!

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have a part-time job and a lot of time to write. I am moving from 12-hour shifts back to 8-hour shifts. I won't ever have to work another night shift ever again - unless I choose to. (Yay!)

My books are selling like crazy. Wait! What? Yeah. I know. I'm startled and pleased and tickled beyond belief. You guys, readers, are the greatest.

The puppy seems to be completely potty trained. ("the puppy" is 9 months old, so I feel pretty confident in making this declaration).

The cranky old cat has survived the addition of the puppy to the household. Whew.

Nanowrimo is coming to a close, and while I didn't write 50,000 BRAND NEW words, I did write a heck of a lot of new words, and got the structure for Julian out of the World figured out. The scope of the story turned out a bit bigger and a lot different than I expected. So seeing some real progress on that project is fantastic.

I supposed this one is going to sell about as well as Jeremiah Quick, which is to say NOT AT ALL, but sometimes, as a writer, it's important to follow my heart and just write that story that's nagging at me that most people probably won't like or approve of or whatever. The thing is - I write the stuff that I want to read, and what I want to read is sometimes way too dark for most people. Ah well. It's not fun if you never give your imagination the freedom to really roam.  So bear with me.

(And PS - the Jeremiah glyph has already worked its magic - someone random unexpectedly flipped through the paperback proof and KNEW Jeremiah, back in the day, and might have some stories to tell me about him that I have never heard before - ta-da! I'm a magician).

As far as the Dungeon series - you guys rock so hard and are so awesome. I've received quite a few direct requests and suggestions via reviews that there should be more books.

So I've given the muse permission to explore what might happen to deepen the connection between  Zach and Thomas, and also... which boys might take a vacation to Minnesota, and how might that go? And hey, remember Maddox-call-me-Doc? They call him Doc because he brings home the weepy boys, right? Fixes them up and turns then loose. But what if... what if... a weepy boy doesn't want to be turned loose? What if he won't go? Hmmm..... there are so many possibilities....

Peace out.

I hope ya'll have a nice Thanksgiving, that everyone has somewhere warm to be, and no one goes hungry. Safe weekend travels, darlings.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Happy Nanowrimo ~ sweeping word counts and cheating

Good evening, my Darklings!

I know, I suck at blogging these days - but I can't really help it. I'm in writing mode, and, frankly, I just can't spare the time to blog when I don't have a lot to say. My nano goal is 70,000 words, so I'm cheating a leeeeelte bit, by using some text that existed before Nov 1st. Yeah, I'm a dirty cheater. Sue me.

I'm working on a little ditty about Jack and Dia- oh, wait. That's John Mellencamp. Crap. What am I working on again? Oh, yeah. Julian. Taken out of the world by a bad guy named Corvin. We will call this... hmmm, torture porn? Or non-consensual erotica? Kidnap porn?

I dunno if Corvin is all bad. I mean, maybe he's just a little bit misunderstood. (You are supposed to be shaking your head at this point and saying "Whatever").

To tell you the truth, guys, this is pretty much all I've got right now. So maybe a sparkly (yeah, more like drafty) excerpt will make your visit worthwhile?

This is Corvin's point of view, shortly after he's stolen Julian. And following that is a bit from Julian, too.


I went upstairs and turned on the monitors, although the boy was only a shape against another shape in the dark. The infra-red cameras needed some light to work with, and I hadn't turned on so much as a nightlight because I wanted the boy named Julian to stew in the dark.

I heard him, though, the first coughing sobs, and imagined the bony chest-heaving spasms of sobs pushing against his ribs. A short time later came the most heartbroken crying I’d ever heard, and I’d made several boys cry and considered myself very good at it.

This was… different.

It was so wrenching I wanted to rush downstairs, fling the door open, offer comfort. It made my arms ache to wrap around this boy, made my heart long to fix… everything. Bring the boy upstairs, put him in my bed and curl myself around the slim body, tuck the sweet head beneath my chin, breathe in sync with him, run my fingers along the boy's –

But no. All of it – any of it – would be the wrong thing.

I kept the monitoring app open on my phone, then picked up Julian's backpack and brought it to my bed. Sacred the boy had said. Important.

I stroked the cover the way I'd like to stroke Julian's skin.

The first pages were simple sketches, trees, a cracked sidewalk, a Victorian-style house with a crumbling front porch. A child chasing a ball into the street, a car coming, a dark foreboding sense of impending collision.

And then.

The drawing Will Sutherland had mentioned, a woman sitting up in a hospital bed, her face young and smooth an unlined. Her eyes looked sad, but her mouth was almost smiling. Her dark hair pulled was back from her face, a thin ponytail coming around her neck like the strands of a flogger tail. She was hooked up to tubes and machines. Her hospital gown gaped open, exposing what would have been her left breast, if she'd had flesh, except she didn't. Instead what showed was the bones of her ribcage, and in between the bones, her heart.

Her right hand rested in her lap, fingers loosely curled, IV tubing running up to a bag hooked to a stand. Her left hand was extended, as if beseeching, begging for mercy, and again, there was no flesh, just her skeletal hand and wrist bones jutting out of a thin sleeve.

I studied it for a long time, then turned the page.

The same room, the same bed, only empty now, the perspective skewed. Dead machines oversized and looming like midnight monsters, a small figure with black hair and black clothes curled up, fetal position, underneath the bed. The letters G-O-N-E arranged crookedly across the rumpled white sheet. I turned that page fairly quickly.

The next page took my breath away.

This was art.

The drawing was nothing all that fancy – just a clock. But a huge clock that took up the whole space, more than, as the numbers seven, eight, nine, and ten were cut off the page. It was drawn in pencil so thick and black it could have been charcoal. And in the center of the clock, as if lying on top of the hands, was a fair representation of Julian, black hair, black clothes, bare feet. There was a sinew of cord that ran from the boy's neck to the hour hand of the clock, and somehow it was clear that as the minutes and hours ticked by, the cord would tighten around the boy's throat. The boy in the picture stared at the minute hand with wide horrified eyes, his mouth twisted into a grimace that almost looked like pleasure.

Time moves on, and it strangles. The symbolism wasn't exactly subtle.

I set the book aside. Listened to the breathing boy, and it was soft and regular, the kind that accompanies sleep. I forced myself to click off the light and do the same.

Julian, Julian, Julian… I repeated to myself, tasting the letters, getting my mouth used to the feel of the name on my tongue. And I slept, for a while, but not restfully, and not at all well.


Julian closed the document and shut down the laptop because the room was brightening with daylight and he’d read enough for now. He knew he’d somehow been planned for, and he’d always understood that he wasn’t the first boy, and wasn’t stupid enough to think he’d be the last. Serial kidnappers and serial rapists and serial killers didn’t stop. They didn’t do the things they did because they could help themselves. He’d come to be able to gauge when Corvin would hurt him, and sometimes even how much. It was like a fuel tank slowly dropping to empty, an anxiety that Corvin tried to fight, and as he did so his nervous energy ramped up until he basically snapped. And if he waited too long, it was bad for Julian. Real bad.

So Julian learned to watch for that energy, and to make mistakes, or even be outright disobedient, which in a way forced Corvin to act, to punish, before his appetite for Julian’s pain got out of control. Julian learned, through trial and error, how to fill Corvin up.

He didn’t think Corvin ever figured that part out – that Julian had figured out how to soothe Corvin’s evil, to keep it almost in check. To keep him calm and rational.

He didn’t think he was particularly skilled at reading human nature, but he did become very, very skilled at reading Corvin. Unfortunately, it went both ways. Corvin knew him just as intimately.

It was sick and it was twisted, but he found himself grateful for Corvin’s letter.

He liked Corvin’s description of his artwork, the drawings of his mom, drawings of fear and loss and a heart breaking. What surprised him were Corvin’s descriptions of his own passion. Julian hadn’t thought Corvin capable of deep passion or introspection – it had seemed to Julian that what Corvin wanted, Corvin would have NOW, and he would not be denied. Certainly Julian learned that lesson quickly enough. And though Corvin sometimes seemed edgy, and quirky, and barely controlled, overall he was the opposite – exceptionally smart, calculated and in full control. Sometimes Julian wondered if Corvin’s nervous energy was an act designed to keep him off balance, that the joke was on him when he thought he could willfully disobey and force Corvin to punish him.

The truth was probably somewhere in between.

He tried to remember what he thought of Corvin before he knew about the room behind the red door.
He’d been in the midst of a serious and terrible depression when Corvin took him. An apathy so exhausting and all-inclusive that he was on pause, numb to the world, and had no idea what, if anything, could bring him to life again. His days were spent in his room, headphones blasting into his ears, ignoring Will as much as possible. Rosetta Stone on repeat – don’t expect too much from me, you’re touching on nothing, nothing that is sacred to me…Drowning in the music because nothing could possibly be worse than losing his mother. She had tried to prepare him for her death but nothing could prepare him.

She tried to teach him mindfulness, the ability to remain in this one present moment, reminding him a thousand times over that nothing awful was happening this minute, that they had time to enjoy each other, and she was grateful for every minute without pain. And, she said, she got through the minutes and hours of pain by remembering that this, too, would end. Once she was gone, for real, the minutes dragged by, one slow agony after another, sliding jerkily into hours and days and weeks of NOTHING.

Corvin at the door, looking like a totally lame-ass guy trying to sell something, until he said his name was Corvid, emphasize the D, and Julian knew there was a joke in there somewhere. And the question about music, and Julian’s answer, which was privately sly, because no one liked the music he listened to, and certainly no adult twice his age had ever heard of it.

But Corvin’s response was just as sly. Nothing (important)? Nothing [special]? Just that one clue – one screaming clue – that the man who called himself Corvid was not what he appeared. Because there were plenty who would declare they were versions or remixes of the same song. But someone who paid attention knew the truth – it was a series of songs, a bit of musical genius that let you feel exactly how it felt to fall apart or come unhinged.

And Julian was falling apart.

The room behind the red door was all white. Shiny white tiles on the floor and crawling up the walls, white grout between them, except… oh except. Those places where it was stained, mostly rust brown, but here and there so dark it was nearly black. There was a drain on the floor. Julian was horrified by the concept of the drain, much as he tried not to look at the floor, tried not to notice the areas of stained grout, but he would come to realize later that not only did he look at them, he memorized their size and shape and location, all the while trying to convince himself they weren’t blood.

There were only two pieces of furniture. The first was an exam table, not much different than any exam table in any doctor’s office, except it had been modified with straps and cuffs and restraints. The second was a chair, also set up with restraints.

Julian’s brain steered away from thinking about it, beyond the fact that Corvin had known, exactly, how to bring Julian to life. How to make mindfulness laughable, how to hurt in ways that forced flood after flood of healing chemicals into Julian’s brain, dopamine, serotonin, the whole gamut of endorphins, in the most bizarre cure for depression in the history of history.

But that came later. What came first?

The knowledge of Nothing, that came first. The word game, the crow, the absolutely manipulative approach and retreat. Because no matter what part Will had in this – if he advertised on Craigslist or somehow accidentally met up with Corvin somehow, Corvin used what he knew of Rosetta Stone, of Nothing, to lure Julian in. It was exactly the bait that made Julian obey when Corvin said, “Get in the car.” He trusted Corvin more than Will in that instant – believing that on some level Corvin understood him better than Will ever had or ever would. With that one tiny, tiny understanding of the song, Corvin set himself up as Julian’s ally. He let Julian think it was Us against Them. When, really, in the end, it was just Corvin doing what he needed to do to steal Julian.

Julian should have tapped into anger at this betrayal the moment he saw the cell that would become his home, the cage that would be his bedroom. But then, back then, he was still in shock, still in denial, still thought Corvin would be kinder than Will. But something in the shock, the inevitability of it all, left him empty and passive, no strength to fight Corvin, whose intents and purposes were, at least at the very beginning, nothing more than question marks.

Question marks that turned into exclamation marks, soon enough.

He should make a vow to himself, right this minute, to never open Corvin’s letter ever, ever again. It wasn’t going to help him. It would only make everything worse. But he knew he would go back to it, that he would read every word, sucking up Corvin’s point of view, because he’d tried for so long to understand the man, to know him, in hopes that something would change. If he had privacy, he’d read every word straight through. He knew he would.

[end excerpt]

Thursday, October 30, 2014

SM Johnson - handwritten post, just for fun.

(yes, it says "good morning, Darklings - grin).

Have a wonderful and safe Day of the Dead and All Hallow's Eve!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Story of Hawk and Boy

For release  October 17, 2014

In Three in the Dungeon, Jeff and Vanessa were eavesdropping when Hawk and boy approached Dr. Mitch at one of his parties and asked for help with a physical problem that was interfering with their BDSM fantasies... The Story of Hawk and boy is all about that problem, and Dr. Mitch's solution.

Hawk and boy are compatible in every way. The way Hawk wants to control, boy wants to be controlled. The punishments, the rewards... all of it perfect. Except for one major thing. And not being able to do that one thing is such a disappointment to them both that they've considered throwing away their relationship and seeking new partners. Asking pervy Dr. Mitch Minotti for help is beyond embarrassing, but if Mitch can fix the problem, they'll be in BDSM bliss forever.

The problem is the fix isn't exactly easy, and boy isn't sure he's strong enough to get through it without using his safeword. He doesn't really think Hawk will dump him, but it's hard to always be on the wrong side of perfect.

15,000 words (approx 25 pages). Gay fiction, M/M, M/M/M, Medical Kink

Expected release by 2015
(DeVante's Children - revamped)

"Gay people are perverts." That's what eighteen year old Daniel Winthrop hears as his father kicks him out of the house. And even though Daniel knows his dad is being unreasonable, he has plenty of his own questions about being gay.

When Daniel's first lover, Roderick, claims to be a vampire and attacks Daniel with such cruelty there could be no other explanation, Daniel realizes there are stranger things in the world than men who love men. Roderick insists that he loves Daniel, but refuses to change him, and Daniel learns his first lesson as an adult; where there is love, there can also be pain.

Enter Roderick's creator, DeVante, whose personal code of ethics does not allow enslaving mortals for either love or blood. DeVante reveals that Roderick’s vampire blood is poison to Daniel, and that Daniel must be changed or he will die.

A problem at home makes Daniel think he can finally become the family hero, until he discovers sometimes you really can’t go home again.

The vampires will kill him before they'll change him against his will, so Daniel has to figure out who he is, what he wants, and if he’s willing to kill to survive.

90,000 words (approx 300 pages), Gay paranormal romance, M/M

That's the current news, darlings. Hope you have a fun and safe weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Month of spooky ~

Good morning, my darlings, and Happy October!

I have been stunningly busy working on a Secret Project almost from the moment Dare in the Dungeon was released.

But. The release is going swimmingly! Good reviews, decent sales - so yay for you guys, and thank you so very much!

If I get permission for my Secret Project, ya'll can expect two "revamped" novels from me before the end of the year - woot! Is that exciting, or what?

Meanwhile... I'm re-reading Anne Rice's Blood Canticle in excited anticipation for the release of Prince Lestat on October 28th. It's been OVER A DECADE since we last followed Lestat through his adventurous undead life, and I gotta say - I can hardly wait. Always loved hanging out with the Brat Prince, and I'm glad that Anne is going to share him with us again.

Not much else to report, really, which is why I've let the blog be quiet.


Oh! At some point within the next month-ish or so, I'm hoping to hit ya'll with The Story of Hawk and Boy.  I was going to include this fun short story as a bonus with Dare in the Dungeon, but my beta readers didn't feel it was quite ready and advised against it.

It's close to being ready now.

If you recall - Hawk and Boy came to Dr. Mitch in Three in the Dungeon with a problem they needed some help with, and Dr. Mitch agreed to help them. So I thought, since I let ya'll eavesdrop on that conversation, you might as well join in the fun of fixing Boy. Heh. Medical kink at it's finest to the best of my ability.

Ooooh! Let me tell you how my musical life has recently been enhanced.

(insert musical interlude) and disclaimer: I AM NOT A MUSIC REVIEWER, JUST A FAN.

I have been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for TRAIN to release Bulletproof Picasso. Wasn't in love with the singles they pre-released, but that didn't worry me - as it shouldn't have. There are 3 or 4 songs from that album that I cannot get out of my head, and I am double triple quadruple excited to go on a 5 day cruise with them next February. Train immersion, here I come.

The older Train albums (Train, Drops of Jupiter) are still my favorites, but Bulletproof Picasso is definitely a nice addition to my Train library.

Here's my favorite song, the title track, from the new album:

My other favorites from the new album are Don't Grow Up So Fast, I Will Remember, and Wonder What You're Doing For The Rest of Your Life.

What was unexpected, was that I discovered Better Than Ezra released a new album, All Together Now on Sept 10th, so I grabbed that from iTunes. The first BTE album I purchased was Closer, years ago, and it blew me away. They have an exceptionally unique sound that I adore, and I think it's been about five years since their last album.

But - THIS ALBUM - All Together Now - might end up being my 100% all time favorite music of 2014. Better Than Ezra outdid themselves, as far as "poppy" catchy tunes, (Diamond in my Pocket, Crazy Lucky) and a couple of deep make you think songs (Gonna Get Better).

So yeah. All Together Now continues to blow me away, so I urge you to check it out.

I had so much new music I managed to clean the whole downstairs of my house one afternoon. Which, if you knew how much I hate doing that, you'd be really impressed.

So here's one of my favorite BTE songs from the new album:

That's all I've got for now, darlings. Here's hoping for a lovely October.

Friday, September 12, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Dare in the Dungeon is available NOW!

Oh my darlings, and my lovelies...

DARE IN THE DUNGEON is available for purchase NOW at SMASHWORDS, in all ebook formats, and at AMAZON for kindle.

**happy dancing all over the room**

Buy here!

"I dare you to leap…"

Kneeling for Thomas is like skirting the edge of a fatal fall, and Dare wonders what he's gotten himself into. Why can't he just be happy with Zach, the perfect gay boyfriend? Yeah, Zach forced him out of the closet, and that was uncomfortable, but that's nothing compared to what Thomas expects from him. Subbing for Roman was cookies and milk and kindergarten naptime compared to this. He wants to trust Thomas and stop pretending, but how much pain and humiliation can one Ivy League kid handle before he comes apart?

Meanwhile, in Minnesota… Jeff continues to write hot, hot, hot D/s erotica while battling emotional trauma from the accident. It's easier to keep Jason as a buffer between himself and Roman than to face his fear of being tied up. He's tired of being broken, but how can he be fixed when he can't stay in bondage for more than fourteen minutes?

77,000 words. Gay fiction, BDSM, M/M, M/M/M, and a tiny bit of F/F/M

Dare in the Dungeon should be available at other on-line retailers within a week, just waiting on Smashwords to distribute.

Because I wuvs you all so much, I'm offering Dare in the Dungeon to early readers for a special Smashwords price of 99 cents until Halloween 2014. You must purchase at Smashwords, and at check out enter coupon code RP49L*

If you adore Dare and want to help me out lots, please consider leaving reviews at Amazon, Smashwords,  Goodreads, LibraryThing, or wherever else you like to leave reviews.
Have a beautiful safe weekend, darlings!

*If you've never made a purchase from Smashwords before, it's easy. The site will walk you through setting up an account. Click "Buy" on the book page,  enter the coupon code and click "apply coupon" and then "checkout". You'll then be directed to a page of download links. Choose your format (epub for Nook, mobi for Kindle) and click the appropriate download link. You may have to side load (transfer file via USB cable) to Nook, but your kindle should have been assigned an email address (typically your Amazon login email and you can email an attached file right to your device. This is handy for editing and picking for typos, btw, as it's really easy to email MS Word files to a Kindle - did ya'll know that?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Dare's Imminent Release!

Good morning, darlings.

Please take a moment to remember that it is September 11th. Thank you.

Now for our regularly scheduled programming...

I'm going to use this space to answer a question left on my blog, and let you know about the projects I'll be working on for the rest of this year and into 2015.

I can't even tell you how excited I am! I'm so excited that I keep drinking coffee that tastes like soap, because I'm too excited to dump it and start over. Oh, wait, maybe the word I'm looking for is "lazy" ? Awww, shit. Vocabulary lessons shall commence, but only after ya'll can buy Dare in the Dungeon.


Since I have to work twelve hour night shifts September 12-14, I am going to do everything in my power to get Dare in the Dungeon uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords before I go to work on FRIDAY. Which means, barring unforeseen complications, it should be available to buy on SATURDAY. Yes! Two days early!

Because I love you, that's why.

Okay, here's the reader question:

"In writing this novel, did another sequel idea manifest itself to you, by chance?"

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer your questions, I've been busy preparing a book for release.... (grin).

I do have some ideas for further Dungeon books - the first will be a Dungeon Short called The Story of Hawk and Boy, which will potentially be released Oct 31st and be free until December 31.  I was originally going to bundle it as a bonus story with Dare in the Dungeon, but my beta readers have made some revision suggestions, and also feel that the story will lose impact if bundled with Dare's full novel. So. There's one, and without a long wait.

There might be a future book or at least a short story or novella involving what the relationship between Zach and Thomas looks like.

And there's a potential novel about Roman and Jeff's playmate, Jason.

And... come on, wouldn't you love to see all the boys get together for a sexy vacation? I would! I'm hoping Train's Sail Across the Sun cruise will inspire me in that direction!

Now for the bad news... (sort of, lol)

There are at least two books before any of the above novels will be more than a twinkle in this author's eye.

I've got a Daywalker novel featuring Tony (Vampire DeVante series)  for a multi-author bundle (Sexy Psychics) planned for release Spring 2015, and a darling sexy non-con Dark story in the works tentatively called Julian Out of the World. I was a little hung up on that one, needing to find an artist, and I FOUND ONE at Duluth/Superior PRIDE over Labor Day weekend. So I'm very pleased about that. His name is Paulo Galvin, and his drawings are dead on what I need for Julian, so I'll be talking with him about making me some damn fine pictures, and hopefully a cover image, as well - yay!

So. Those two project will very likely bring me to this time NEXT year, which means I can make no Dungeon promises except for Hawk and Boy.


One other thing.... this awesome YouTube video of this amazing kid named Jeff Bliss went viral in May 2013 (though I just got in the loop yesterday).... and I really want to give Jeff a tremendous shout-out - I am... just so tickled and PROUD of him for speaking the TRUTH, and I would love to see a movement that encourages teachers to TEACH their students, using interesting, engaging, and creative teaching methods.

THIS kid appears to be a brilliant member of the counter-culture, and lemme just say... there are shades of my JEREMIAH QUICK all over the place here.

He would sit in silence and stew in his frustration until he just couldn't take it anymore, and then he would rant - and his rants put the obvious right out in front of your face, impossible to deny. I was so proud to know him, proud to be his friend.

Okay, that's all for now. I need to get back to polishing and building an ebook file for this li'l thing called Dare in the Dungeon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Busy blog! Vote for Jeremiah Quick, and new look for Dungeon series including Dare cover

All right, my darlings... working on the cover for Dare in the Dungeon inspired me to revamp the look of the whole series....

But FIRST - be lovely dears, would you, and hop over here to Masquerade Cover Wars and give Jeremiah Quick a vote, please?

So.... give me a minute to untangle the cord wrapped around this curtain, and....

..... drumroll please.....

Look! Look! Look! Look! (That's FOUR looks, right? Yeah, that's about right).

What do you think? Hmm? Hmm? Tell me!

Hmm. Tell you what I think... I'm going to fiddle with the color and contrast of Dare's cover, but overall, damn, it almost looks like a series...

Monday, September 1, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Dare in the Dungeon ~ pre-release teaser

Someone asked for a teaser....

Ready or not, here it comes! (Estimated date of release September 15, 2014)

The winning cover image, which I will purchase and start working with as soon as this beast goes to beta readers! This isn't too far off from the cover, except I might make those bright white corners a bit more transparent, and I will definitely be fixing the font to match the previous books in the series.

Dare in the Dungeon, excerpt.

"You're still holding on, Dare. Still pretending."

Dare was kneeling in ready stance, naked, and Thomas' observation made him cringe. An embarrassed flush flooded through him. Embarrassed because it was true. Embarrassed because although he claimed he wanted to submit for real, he couldn't quite get there. He couldn't get out of his own way enough to let Thomas truly take control. Dare always had at least one clenched ball of inner reserve held tight. Most of the time he had layers of that reserve, a shield, and he could drop one, maybe, but the rest remained, a knot of clarity, a space of the reasonable, the rational – still living inside his head. A place he could hide.

If he really let go, who would hold him together? Thomas? Did Thomas love him enough? Did anyone?

"I think you have to hurt him."

That's was Zach's voice, quiet, almost sad. "I've seen what he's after, loss of all reserve, all inhibition. It comes after trauma. And it comes with pain, more pain, or a different kind of pain, than he's been getting from the flogger or the strap. And it comes with fear."

Goddamn Zach the fucking ICU nurse.

Dare wanted to shrink away from them, run home and curl into his bed, head underneath the covers. Safe.



He felt a shudder work its way from the nape of his neck to the tip of his tailbone.

Roman's dungeon party. The submissives, the ones that were truly controlled by their dominants, writhing in pain, letting loose mindless cries, begging, crawling. Reduced to trembling bits of id.

Pain did that.

And fear.

And certain humiliating indignities.

Thomas' voice came like a whip crack. "Dare. Yes or no."

A choice. To never get there, or give them permission to hurt him.
The raised platform at Roman's party. Roman holding one whip, Suede holding another. Dare and Jeff on their knees, arms wrapped around each other, cocks pressed together. Lashes from the whip getting meaner and meaner, the leather jock that gave Dare some semblance of privacy torn away, and then rutting against Jeff, desperate crying, losing all awareness of the audience, all his life reduced to the one moment, clinging, hips thrusting mindlessly...
The mean strike from the punishment brush, a thousand pinpoints of pain, and he was sorry, so sorry for his disobedience, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be good. Love me, please, I am nothing, empty. Fill me up.

Pain did that. Only pain took him out of himself, opened him that wide.

Dare took in a breath, fought the urge to wrap his arms around himself, fought his every instinct for self-protection.

And answered.

"Yes." He thought he'd say more than that, but he managed that one word, and then was seized with dread, because surely he'd regret this.

And then he waited, breath held.

The air itself seemed to wait.

"Yes, you want me to hurt you?"

"Please," Dare whispered.

"Oh I will, esse, believe me, I will."

The words left Dare trembling with a combination of terror and anticipation. If you're in, be all in. More of Roman's words, his attempts to get Dare to really let go.

"What are you thinking?" Zach asked, and Dare started to answer, but realized, when Zach continued thinking out loud, that the question wasn't directed at him. "Beating him wouldn't be very sexy. Kind of crude, really, although I can see some appeal in leaving bruises here and there."

"I know a million ways to inflict pain," Thomas answered. "Some of them leave marks, but many of them don't."

Dare felt the air shift as Thomas walked a circle around him. "Dare. Do you know what a sound is?"

Dare didn't, but before he could say so, he heard Zach's hiss of indrawn breath, and slight gasp of exhale. Apparently he knew.

The trembling got worse.

Thomas released a soft chuckle. "Zach knows. Do you, Dare?"

Dare shook his head, too full of dread to even find words.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Dare in the Dungeon - coming soon!

All right, darlings, it's Thursday, although not exactly morning anymore... but I think ya'll deserve an update, hmm?

I've had a few people asking (begging?) for Dare in the Dungeon - and it makes me feel bad (haha, actually, it makes me feel AWESOME) - but then bad again, because I've been promising all summer to get this book done, and honestly, I've had exactly pretty much NO TIME TO WRITE.

Yes, this is annoying.

And yes, this is terrible for my mental health.

There's this Virgo/perfectionist thing I have that won't let me publish a half-assed book. I kind of feel like I published Three in the Dungeon too fast, if you want my honest opinion, and I am just not doing that again. So yes, I'll make you wait. But gods, I really hope it will be worth it.

I've written bits and snippets at work, but night shift is not nearly as writing productive as I thought it would be, mostly because I get so damn sleepy that there's not enough coffee in the world to perk me up enough to write anything coherent, much less anything good.

But now I am digressing into whining and we just can't be having that.

I wrote 8,000 words YESTERDAY. By hand. In a notebook. I could not stop. It was truly wonderful. This gives me hope that I will finish the draft and send it to beta readers by September 1st. Which means I should be publishing Dare in the Dungeon by the middle of September.... so yay?

Yes, YAY!

I know it feels like it's been taking me damn forever... but maybe ya'll have forgotten that I wrote and published Jeremiah Quick in the meantime? Ooooh, yeah, nobody's reading that one. Well. Ya'll seriously do not know what you are missing (grin). I mean, look at these reviews at Goodreads! Everyone who's read Jeremiah Quick has loved it. Okay, maybe not true. But they've at least been unable to stop reading it, so that's something, right? Smashwords or Amazon. Huh. Can't seem to find it at Barnes and Noble, dang it. But here's a secret - it's "set your own price" at Smashwords, so it's FREE if you want it to be!

It's dark and twisted - but ya'll should be getting used to that from me by now (giggles. and no, I'm not southern, I just love 'ya'll' to pieces). Dark, creepy, beautiful... sigh. Jeremiah is, whoa, something else again. Trust me. You'll like him. Hopefully you'll like him so much you'll write reviews!

Okay, so back to telling ya'll about Dare. (See? Ya'll. Gods, I just love that. It means all of you, every one, my darlings, my friends, my readers - at the same time).

 (if you haven't read the prior Dungeon books, there may be spoilers ahead)

Dare. Remember where we left off? In Three in the Dungeon Dare and Zach have met a Dominant named Thomas - the same Dominant who brought Roman to his knees back in book 2, Out of the Dungeon. So Dare and Zach are getting to know Thomas, and trying out some BDSM scenes. And Thomas - well let me tell you - you didn't see it so much when he has that scene with  Roman (the one where he whipped the bottoms of Roman's feet and then fucked him) but he has a hang-up or two about hygiene, and this really trips Dare up. Because Dare really doesn't want to do what Thomas requires him to do. Heh. Gods, I love being evil.

Thomas may not be as subtle as Roman (is Roman subtle?) and he talks a little crude when he gets into a particular mood, and something about that sets Dare's every nerve on fire...

Let's see... what else do I want you to remember? Oh! Roman inherited Gigi's house in Minnesota, and moved there, along with Jeff, Vanessa, and the baby (Cassandra). There's not a ton of Vanessa in this book, because ya'll have indicated you don't care a whole lot for lesbian love - but suffice to say she's feeling like a third wheel in Roman and Jeff's relationship (fourth wheel, maybe? Because Jason still comes around) and anyway, Vanessa is seeking a relationship to call her own.

This book (shakes head). Man, it's like threesome after threesome after threesome. I swear I did NOT do that on purpose - I think I just hate to break anyone up, especially when no one deserves to be dumped -  so... the more the merrier?

Be prepared for that weirdness, is all I'm going to say about that.

I do love me a good threesome, though, lol.

And going back to Three in the Dungeon - don't forget Jeff is working out his difficulty with bondage and BDSM in general, after the trauma of having had a broken neck, being in traction, and all of that.

AND, last but not least... do you remember Hawk and Boy? Jeff and Vanessa were eavesdropping as they approached Dr. Mitch Minotti in Minnesota, asking him to help them with their little sexual problem... does this sound familiar? I hope so, because Dare in the Dungeon includes a 25 page medical kink bonus story of just how, exactly, Dr. Mitch helps Hawk and Boy (wide eyes - I know! Awesome, right?)


All righty then. Are you going to be ready for Dare in the Dungeon come mid-September?

Do you need a little help being ready?

Okay, here's the series line-up:

Above the Dungeon, Book 1 - Free EVERYWHERE.
Nook Smashwords Amazon

Out of the Dungeon, Book 2 - $2.99
Nook Smashwords Amazon

Three in the Dungeon, Book 3 - $2.99
Nook Smashwords Amazon

SURPRISE! Until October 31, 2014, get Three in the Dungeon FREE by adding it to your Smashwords cart and entering coupon code AF23V at checkout. Go ahead and share the coupon with your friends!


[Cover mocks deleted because I used watermarked images]

Would you like to see some cover mock-ups for Dare in the Dungoen? Nothing's final yet, no stock photos have been purchases, I don't own these images and the following are not FINAL cover drafts - this is like brainstorming. I'd love to hear some comments from you (ya'll) - so don't be shy! (I know, I need the font from the other covers, right? I think, yeah, that'll help). So far I'm leaning toward image #1 as my favorite... he just has that sort of .... Dare sweetness. And a bit of the Ivy League, too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Giveaway~ Jeremiah Quick + bonus gift

Hello, my darlings.

Just a quick note to let you know that Cute Peach is hosting a Jeremiah Quick giveaway from July 22 through August 5th. The prize is an ebook copy of Jeremiah Quick, in whichever electronic format you like, with an additional bonus of a paperback copy of either The Kingdom of Heaven or Schadenfreude by one of my favorite authors, 19.

The winner will need to provide an email address to receive Jeremiah Quick directly or a coupon code for Smashwords if preferred, and a mailing address to receive the paperback of their choice. I will not retain either address or add to them to any mailing list. I'm way too lazy for all of that (grin).

So come and enter! And tell your friends!

I'd appreciate any RT or reblogs ya'all are able to do.

(And HUGE THANKS to Cute Peach!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SM Johnson ~ blog hop ~ International Author's Day July 18

Good morning, darlings. We interrupt this hiatus to bring you International Author's Day. This is the day to honor your book loving self and the writers who write the books you love.

I've written several posts detailing my favorite writers, both past and present, so today I will focus on writers who push hard against the constraints of "mainstream" - because these are my current loves.

But first... the book of 2014 that I am most impatiently waiting for...

Pre-order at Amazon

Oooooh, the anticipation is delicious! It's been far too many years since I have had an adventure with my beloved Lestat. (And a little secret.... I sent Ms. Rice a message complaining [ahem, rude, right?] about Daniel and Armand never being resolved, and she tells me they make an appearance in this book - OMG OMG OMG). Yeah. So. As much as I detest winter, I can hardly wait for October 28th.

Rice was the original "push the envelope" writer for me - and beyond the Vampire Chronicles - because there was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Yum. And num. And gnaw and chew. I mean.... (fans self) Beauty was sooooo beyond anything my young mind and hormonal body was ready for, but in a really, really good way.

A great many of my most recent favorite reads these days have been stories of psychological head-fuckery with a twist of eroticism. We're talking Kitty Thomas' Comfort Food and Adrienne Wilder's Complementary Colors, Jack L. Pyke's Don't... and Antidote, and Lynn Kelling's related book (with Don't... characters no less!) Forgive Us. And then there's DJ's Bennett's mystery suspense series, Hamelin's Child, Paying the Piper, and Calling the Tune. Unf. A very different sort of read, and very, very good.

I'm not even sure I should get started on XIX's works, Schadenfreude and The Kingdom of Heaven. He might credit me as his editor, but believe you me, it's only because I could not stand the idea that these books were not available far and wide to everyone. I love them that much. I will poke you and bribe you and pay to send you paperback copies in the mail to get you to read them. They are the prettiest "ouch" books I've ever read.

Okay, so I'll wrap this up with a less dark, but trust me dark enough, shout out to JC Andrijeski for her Allie's War series featuring Allie and Revik, and her Alien Apocalypse series featuring Jet.

Happy sighs all around.

And lest I forget, my most recent release is called Jeremiah Quick, and it's damn dark.

If you love the dark, come on in. It's safe here. Mostly.

If you want to talk about your favorite dark reads on an ongoing basis, come on over to Goodreads and join my DarkSafe group. We're small and friendly and dark and safe.

In the meantime, today and every day... happy reading! I hope you find great books to love, and unforgettable characters to fall in love with.

Blog hop courtesy of B00k R3vi3w tours

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SM Johnson ~ New cover for Jeremiah Quick!

Good morning my lovelies, and happy Thursday!

You won't believe what happened. One of my favorite people and fellow author, JC Adnrijeski, designed a new cover for Jeremiah Quick! 

I know, right?


Jeremiah Quick - amazon - smashwords

Jeremiah Quick is Other, he's always been Other, and he fascinates Pretty Loberg with his Otherness. He doesn't give a fuck about society, or middle class values, or following the crowd.

To pampered, middle class good-girl Pretty Loberg, Jeremiah is terrifying. And she can't stay away.

She'd been trained since her earliest years to follow the crowd, not stand out, don't embarrass the family. Stick to the status quo and not only will everything be fine, but everyone will like you.

Jeremiah doesn't like her. In fact, sometimes she thinks he hates her.

When he finds her twenty years after high school, Pretty gets into his car, even though she knows Jeremiah will disrupt her marriage and her life.

Behind those sharp blue eyes is a man with a quick brain, a cynical outlook, and a penchant for the subversive. He's kinky, mean, controlling, and more than a little bit broken.

Pretty wants to fix him.

Jeremiah wants to break her, remake her, and talk her into doing something terrible.

Only one of them will leave the dungeon alive.

I love love love love it!

Thank you so much, JC!

(Amazon is a little slower to update than the others, so hang tight a little).

PS - to my lovelies - there's a horizontal scrolling bar of JCs Allie's War series at the bottom of this blog. Please click and go look! JC usually offers book one, Rook, for FREE - and if you haven't fallen into the world of Allie and Revik and humans and seers yet, OMG, I AM SO JEALOUS. I wish... I could forget the whole series so I could start over and fall in love with it for the first time again.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Disengaging from social media ~

I love you, my darlings, and I have so many fun things to blog about, but I have clipped my fingernails short, logged off Facebook, turned off the television, and turned on the music.

I need to get my good habits back and finish Dare in the Dungeon.

Peace out.

I'll be back when the book is done.

In the meantime, as always, have fun and be safe.