Thursday, January 2, 2014

SM Johnson ~Book reading and snakes eating, oh my! ~

I know. The less I work my "day" job (mostly working nights), the more disorganized my life becomes. How can this be? I have MORE time to pay attention to what day of the week is, but does this happen? Oh, no, it does not.

But hey, Happy 2014, darlings! Here's hoping for a creative and productive year, right? Next time I'm hoping to post an excerpt of Jeremiah Quick, which will be my next book released, so long as my beta readers don't tell me it sucks.

Hmmm.... What shall I give you this week?

How about the first book I read in 2014? Poison Princess, by Kresley Cole. Mmmmm. It was awesome. Ate it all up, oh yes, I did. Especially the Cajun, Jackson. Yep. But I have to tell you something- I've had some, um, er, anger issues with the promotion of this book, and with its tedious first whole bunch of pages. For real. Somewhere along my internet travels, I ran into a "free preview" promotion of Poison Princess, which turned out to be a free about half of a book. To download the rest to my kindle? Umm, something crazy like $12.99.

I didn't equate "preview" with "sample." Because somewhere in my head I thought "preview" was an opportunity to read the book early, for free, perhaps as a mechanism for generating positive reviews.

But no. It was a tease, a hook, a wallet-suck.

Those who follow this blog might know I have really strong feelings about over-priced ebooks that are more or less paying to borrow a file I will never actually own. I can't pass it on to the library or to my friends. Some kindle books I'm allowed to lend to one person for 14 days, but that's about the extent of allowable sharing. Yeah, hate it. And I won't pay a HIGHER price for an ebook than I'd pay for the paperback. Ahhh, old fashioned books. Paperbacks, physical products I can hold in my hands, pass to another person, SELL in a rummage sale or online or donate to our high school library or my public library...

Yeah. I bought Poison Princess in paperback, almost a year after reading the "tease." Found my way to where I left off (so I didn't have to read the first half again), and finished reading it in no time.

And it was worth the wait. It's a lovely book, with beautiful prose, a complicated but fascinating plot, and a really unusual male protagonist.

So yeah, I recommend this one. I give it 5 stars, and might even write a review at some point (the number of negative reviews on this one surprises me, considering how picky I am. So maybe my "read half now, read half in eight months" made me like the book better than other people? Or maybe I just like a love interest everyone else considers an asshole... whatever. I liked the book).

In other news... Kyle the snake is going to shed again. Yes, already. Apparently night-crawlers agree with him, because he's growing madly. In the meantime, here's an unedited and completely not fancy YouTube vid of Kyle enjoying his Christmas Dinner. Ready? (This is my daughter's YouTube account, btw, so if you choose to comment on the video, please be aware, respectful, and uh.... PG. (grin). Thanks! It says he's eating a whole night-crawler, and he is, it just happens to be cut up into parts because we really don't want it to crawl back out of the snake, which I've heard can happen. Ew, right?

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