Thursday, February 27, 2014

SM Johnson ~ final polish ~ Yay!

gods we have snow. Like 80 inches.
No real coffee this morning, Darlings, as I'm busy doing a final polish on Jeremiah Quick so I can hurry up and get the ebook published!

Wanna know what final polish means to me? It's very exciting (no, it really isn't, lol).

I do global searches for words and concepts that I fear might be overused. For instance, someone pointed out to me that the phrase, "But she loved him," was sort of something that Pretty repeats a lot. Umm, just in case the reader forgets? No. We can't be having that.

 I trust my readers to get it without endless repetition.

I global find/replace quotation marks and apostrophes, in an effort not to have a combination of smart "curly" quotes and straight quotes. I change them all to straight quotes, mostly because in my experience simpler seems to be less complicated.

Yeah, okay, that's profound. Heh.

I also do a global find for "ly" - with the goal of eliminating 2/3 of the adjectives in the book that end in -ly. This involves examining every sentence that contains a word ending in -ly. (See? Didn't I say this was exciting?)

If I'm really ambitious, I might search out all the curse words and make sure that I really want to use them, really and for sure,  each time I've used them. I actually don't think anyone cusses overly much in this book (shrug).

These are all little tiny things that I'm doing, although each one takes its own amount of time. But they do make a different to the reader experience, so I honestly think taking the time is worth it.

So now you know what I'm going. I'm still shooting to have this baby available for purchase at some point Friday the 28 of February. It will probably go live at Amazon, first.

And... for a great idea I got from JC Andrijeski, I'm going to price Jeremiah Quick at .99 for about the first ten days, so the kind and wonderful people who follow me and like my books can, if they're paying attention, buy it for cheap for this limited amount of time. I like this idea - release the book ON SALE so loyal readers get a deal. That's so lovely.

Okay, darlings, that's all for today.

Have a fun and safe weekend.


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