Friday, February 28, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Jeremiah Quick available NOW!

Yaaaaaay! Are you happy? I'm so so happy!

***happy dancing around and around my living room, that's how happy I am***



Meanwhile, I'm still doing my happy dance. The dog wags her tail. The cat is giving me that look - the one that says, How is it I've come to live in this insane place? Kyle is hiding under his tank rug. Just the usual mid-afternoon in the Johnson house. Except... (sing-song) I published a book I published a book I published a boooook.

I don't mind. I'll be happy all by myself, and the dog will be happy for me, and it's all good.

All right, the details...

Jeremiah Quick (ebook) is available for purchase right this minute at Smashwords, in all digital formats, for the low Reader Loyalty price of slightly less than one dollar. This 0.99 price will remain until March 10th, when it will go to it's regularly scheduled price of $2.99.

I stole the idea of low-price first release from my friend JC Andrijeski, author of the Allie's War series, who was musing out loud about how we tend to make our most loyal readers - the people waiting with breath held for our newest release - pay the most for our books. And how backward is that?

We price them, put them out there, and after a couple of months put them on sale in order to reach new readers. But shouldn't we reward the fans who stick with us? Who keep trusting us to entertain them?

We should! So from February 28th to March 10, 2014 I'm pricing Jeremiah Quick at .99. It's one of my shorter novels, at about 81,000 words, but it is novel length, and I'm giving you a lot of story for a buck (grin). And maybe some bang and even some blood.

I'm going to hush now before I give you too many spoilers.

Have a great weekend, darlings! And if you need something to read... I could make a suggestion or two (wink).


PS - those goddamn typos are in there like insidious cockroaches. Should have them fixed and new book files uploaded within a few days. It's like they hide in the daylight of the working document, and then feel safe to come out on the kindle. (grumble grumble sulk) (fixing).

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