Saturday, February 22, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Jeremiah Quick to be released NEXT WEEK! ~

Jeremiah Quick - expected ebook release February 28th 2014!
(paperback release possibly March 2013)

Pretty is Light. Jeremiah is Dark. And this time around, he's more than she bargained for.

Three people in the world are important to Jeremiah Quick, but two of them are dead, and the only one left is Pretty Loberg. And he needs her help now to complete a task that is anything but pretty.

Once she was light to his dark. 

Pretty grew up safe and rich, compared to Jeremiah, and spoiled. Her people were teaching her that she was entitled to be complacent. Jeremiah taught her how to separate the truth from the capitalist lies, and then he had to leave. Before she was ready. Before they were finished. And now… now she's just as complacent and entitled as if he'd never spent all that time trying to teach her Everything Important.

Well. That's going to change.

Jeremiah wants Pretty to remember everything he taught her way back when, and he'll make sure, this time, that she never forgets.


  1. Congrats! If you want some promo, stop in for the Featured New Book Spotlight at West of Mars. I'd love to host you!

  2. I'll be sending an email the minute I manage to pick a song! Thanks!