Thursday, February 13, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Life is Messy

Good morning, Darlings, and happy almost Valentine's Day.

I have lots of good news today. The big primo important news is that our beloved boxer, Jazzamatazz (Jazz for short) was so anemic on Monday that I thought we were going to lose her, but today she is up and running with about 60% of her normal energy levels - and this, THIS my friends, deserves a happy dance.

This dog... she is sweet through and through, not a mean bone in her body (well, except about the cat), and to see her too exhausted to eat, go outside, bark at her neighborhood friends, or even WALK was devastating.

I noticed she was acting droopy last week, and we visited her vet, but she did that whole, "Oh! New places, new people, yay! I'ma pretend that I feel fine, because all of this is so exciting!" thing... but let me tell you, by Monday morning, her gums and the inside of her lips were pure white (they're supposed to be pink!) - an indication of severe anemia. She plodded into the vet hospital Monday morning looking as depressed as Eeyore.

Few days of prednisone and she's practically herself again. Except her old self ate dry dog food, and her new self is pretty sure that the liverwurst diet should continue indefinitely. She still might have a cancer of some kind, but at least it looks like she doesn't have any sort of direct internal bleeding. Whew. This is good news. She's an old dog, and an old dog will break your heart, but thank goodness we don't have to let her go just yet.

The other good news is that beta readers have been sending feedback for Jeremiah Quick  and their responses have been very positive. Some of them were screaming-and-figuratively-jumping-up-and down-while-flapping-hands positive.


I can't tell ya'll what a relief this is, especially considering this book is rather not much like my other books, and strayed down a far darker path.

(wipes sweat off brow)

The not-terrible-news is that between sick dog and vet visits and supportive care and crying (with resulting sinus headache) and hand-feeding liverwurst, I haven't been getting much work done, which means very likely I'll end up pushing the release of Jeremiah Quick into March, and subsequently pushing the release of Dare in the Dungeon closer to May.

I wish I could do this faster, I really do.

How are ya'all holding up in the cold, btw? That's another thing slowing me down, as far as editing. Navigating life when it's below zero almost every day is exhausting. I love staying up late and do a lot of my editing work when the family is all tucked away in their beds, but lately I can hardly wait to snuggle into bed myself. Midnight is about the cap on my "late nights" these days. Which kind of annoys me, but I suspect will change as we move closer to spring. Egads, I hope it changes.

I'm tired of cold and snow and bulky winter jackets and Sorel boots and gloves. I mean, I'm grateful for the jacket and boots and gloves, don't get me wrong, I'm just TIRED of needing them.

(Drums fingers against keyboard, I know I have other news, now let's see, what was it?)

Kyle the garter snake is still happy and healthy. He's shed 3 times, probably due to do that again pretty soon, and has graduated to eating thawed dead mice. Yay! (I know, right? Totally gross, partly because the little newborn mice are so dang CUTE), as well as still enjoying his nightcrawlers. He's getting big, last shed measured 16 inches.

Someday when I'm either ambitious or bored, I might make a garter snake page here, with links the to the sites that helped me the most, and some basic garter snake care stuff. I mean, now that I've learned all about garter snakes and nighcrawlers and toxic worms and frozen newborn mice. So maybe once I get those next couple of books out and I'm lazing around wondering what to do with myself I'll do that.

Okay, I'd better put on my editor hat and get to work. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend, my dears. Be safe out there, but remember... life is messy, so you might has well have fun.


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