Saturday, March 15, 2014

Official Jeremiah Quick Post

Jeremiah Quick - February 28, 2014 (ebook)

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Once she was Light to his Dark. Now he's more than she bargained for.

Jeremiah is Other, he's always been Other, and he's always fascinated Pretty Loberg with his Otherness. He doesn't give a fuck about society, or middle class values, or following the crowd. He believes in anarchy, self-education, doing the research, and making up one's own mind. He believes in asking cui bono? – who benefits?

To pampered middle class good-girl Pretty, Jeremiah is terrifying. And she can't stay away.

She's been trained since her earliest years to follow the crowd, not stand out, don't embarrass the family. Stick to the status quo and not only will everything be fine, but everyone will like you.

Jeremiah doesn't like her. Not at all. In fact, sometimes she thinks he hates her.

When he finds her twenty years after high school, Pretty gets into his car, even though she knows Jeremiah will disrupt her marriage and her life.
Behind those blue eyes is a man with a quick brain, a cynical outlook, and a penchant for the subversive. He's kinky, mean, controlling, and more than a little bit broken.

Pretty wants to fix Jeremiah.

Jeremiah wants to break her, remake her, and talk her into doing something terrible.


Chapter 1

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