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SM Johnson ~ blog hop ~ International Author's Day July 18

Good morning, darlings. We interrupt this hiatus to bring you International Author's Day. This is the day to honor your book loving self and the writers who write the books you love.

I've written several posts detailing my favorite writers, both past and present, so today I will focus on writers who push hard against the constraints of "mainstream" - because these are my current loves.

But first... the book of 2014 that I am most impatiently waiting for...

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Oooooh, the anticipation is delicious! It's been far too many years since I have had an adventure with my beloved Lestat. (And a little secret.... I sent Ms. Rice a message complaining [ahem, rude, right?] about Daniel and Armand never being resolved, and she tells me they make an appearance in this book - OMG OMG OMG). Yeah. So. As much as I detest winter, I can hardly wait for October 28th.

Rice was the original "push the envelope" writer for me - and beyond the Vampire Chronicles - because there was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Yum. And num. And gnaw and chew. I mean.... (fans self) Beauty was sooooo beyond anything my young mind and hormonal body was ready for, but in a really, really good way.

A great many of my most recent favorite reads these days have been stories of psychological head-fuckery with a twist of eroticism. We're talking Kitty Thomas' Comfort Food and Adrienne Wilder's Complementary Colors, Jack L. Pyke's Don't... and Antidote, and Lynn Kelling's related book (with Don't... characters no less!) Forgive Us. And then there's DJ's Bennett's mystery suspense series, Hamelin's Child, Paying the Piper, and Calling the Tune. Unf. A very different sort of read, and very, very good.

I'm not even sure I should get started on XIX's works, Schadenfreude and The Kingdom of Heaven. He might credit me as his editor, but believe you me, it's only because I could not stand the idea that these books were not available far and wide to everyone. I love them that much. I will poke you and bribe you and pay to send you paperback copies in the mail to get you to read them. They are the prettiest "ouch" books I've ever read.

Okay, so I'll wrap this up with a less dark, but trust me dark enough, shout out to JC Andrijeski for her Allie's War series featuring Allie and Revik, and her Alien Apocalypse series featuring Jet.

Happy sighs all around.

And lest I forget, my most recent release is called Jeremiah Quick, and it's damn dark.

If you love the dark, come on in. It's safe here. Mostly.

If you want to talk about your favorite dark reads on an ongoing basis, come on over to Goodreads and join my DarkSafe group. We're small and friendly and dark and safe.

In the meantime, today and every day... happy reading! I hope you find great books to love, and unforgettable characters to fall in love with.

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