Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Giveaway~ Jeremiah Quick + bonus gift

Hello, my darlings.

Just a quick note to let you know that Cute Peach is hosting a Jeremiah Quick giveaway from July 22 through August 5th. The prize is an ebook copy of Jeremiah Quick, in whichever electronic format you like, with an additional bonus of a paperback copy of either The Kingdom of Heaven or Schadenfreude by one of my favorite authors, 19.

The winner will need to provide an email address to receive Jeremiah Quick directly or a coupon code for Smashwords if preferred, and a mailing address to receive the paperback of their choice. I will not retain either address or add to them to any mailing list. I'm way too lazy for all of that (grin).

So come and enter! And tell your friends!

I'd appreciate any RT or reblogs ya'all are able to do.

(And HUGE THANKS to Cute Peach!)