Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Busy blog! Vote for Jeremiah Quick, and new look for Dungeon series including Dare cover

All right, my darlings... working on the cover for Dare in the Dungeon inspired me to revamp the look of the whole series....

But FIRST - be lovely dears, would you, and hop over here to Masquerade Cover Wars and give Jeremiah Quick a vote, please?

So.... give me a minute to untangle the cord wrapped around this curtain, and....

..... drumroll please.....

Look! Look! Look! Look! (That's FOUR looks, right? Yeah, that's about right).

What do you think? Hmm? Hmm? Tell me!

Hmm. Tell you what I think... I'm going to fiddle with the color and contrast of Dare's cover, but overall, damn, it almost looks like a series...


  1. LOVE the covers! Very consistent as a series line and equally just as stunning! You made an awesome choice w the last cover image. Matches gorgeously! Brava, SM! Brava!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad to hear positive feedback - I'm always panicked about making any major changes, lol. I'm glad you like them!