Thursday, November 27, 2014

SM Johnson ~ A heathen Thanksgiving

Good morning, Darklings,

I hope you have good food and good company or good holiday pay on your agenda for this Thanksgiving Day.

I admit that I'm a bit of a heathen, in that I don't embrace Christian holidays or white anglo-saxon holidays or whatever.

But I'm not one to ever complain about good food, especially good food that does not have to be cooked by me. And so I celebrate Thanksgiving and the fact that my husband really likes to cook. For today's menu we will be having turkey and stuffing, (oh crap, I think we forgot cranberry sauce, this is terrible! Fcuk. What am I going to use for jelly on my turkey sandwich on Friday?) and mashed potatoes and gravy and candied sweet potatoes and jell-o salad and chips and dip (and did I mention ham?) and pumpkin pie. And five guests plus the three of us equals a whole lot of food for eight people!

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have a part-time job and a lot of time to write. I am moving from 12-hour shifts back to 8-hour shifts. I won't ever have to work another night shift ever again - unless I choose to. (Yay!)

My books are selling like crazy. Wait! What? Yeah. I know. I'm startled and pleased and tickled beyond belief. You guys, readers, are the greatest.

The puppy seems to be completely potty trained. ("the puppy" is 9 months old, so I feel pretty confident in making this declaration).

The cranky old cat has survived the addition of the puppy to the household. Whew.

Nanowrimo is coming to a close, and while I didn't write 50,000 BRAND NEW words, I did write a heck of a lot of new words, and got the structure for Julian out of the World figured out. The scope of the story turned out a bit bigger and a lot different than I expected. So seeing some real progress on that project is fantastic.

I supposed this one is going to sell about as well as Jeremiah Quick, which is to say NOT AT ALL, but sometimes, as a writer, it's important to follow my heart and just write that story that's nagging at me that most people probably won't like or approve of or whatever. The thing is - I write the stuff that I want to read, and what I want to read is sometimes way too dark for most people. Ah well. It's not fun if you never give your imagination the freedom to really roam.  So bear with me.

(And PS - the Jeremiah glyph has already worked its magic - someone random unexpectedly flipped through the paperback proof and KNEW Jeremiah, back in the day, and might have some stories to tell me about him that I have never heard before - ta-da! I'm a magician).

As far as the Dungeon series - you guys rock so hard and are so awesome. I've received quite a few direct requests and suggestions via reviews that there should be more books.

So I've given the muse permission to explore what might happen to deepen the connection between  Zach and Thomas, and also... which boys might take a vacation to Minnesota, and how might that go? And hey, remember Maddox-call-me-Doc? They call him Doc because he brings home the weepy boys, right? Fixes them up and turns then loose. But what if... what if... a weepy boy doesn't want to be turned loose? What if he won't go? Hmmm..... there are so many possibilities....

Peace out.

I hope ya'll have a nice Thanksgiving, that everyone has somewhere warm to be, and no one goes hungry. Safe weekend travels, darlings.


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