Monday, October 12, 2015

SM Johnson ~ Fabulous Fall Giveaway

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Good afternoon, darklings!

Just want to let ya'll know that I'm sponsoring a fun little fall contest that benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

So click this link and enter a Rafflecopter contest to win Amazon gift cards! Like and Follow awesome authors to get more points (entries into the Rafflecopter drawing, I think? I'm not the greatest at knowing how all this works - I just put up money to fund the gift card prizes, lol) and then you earn even more points when you buy the books on the contest page. And as an added incentive, some authors, including myself, have reduced the price of those books for this promotion.

So what;s the hold up? These books are just hanging out RIGHT HERE waiting for you to buy them! CLICK HERE ALREADY.

Thanks! You're the best readers in the whole wide world. I hope you win $200 bucks to spend at Amazon. Someone has to. It might as well be you.

BTW - All the links on this page go to the same place. I didn't want anyone to get lost. So if you clicked on any link here, you're all good (grins with all teeth showing).

DeVante's Children (revamped) is on sale for .99 from October 12 - October 18. It would be so amazing and awesome if you could find it in your heart to leave an honest review at Amazon. So far there's only one tiny little review available for readers to read (wipes away a tiny tear). It's hard for people to buy a book based on just one totally awesome amazing 5-star review.... (sniffle)

Click HERE to enter

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