Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SM Johnson ~ A Collection of Naughtiness

So I did a thing....

I compiled Books 1 - 4 and The Story of Hawk and boy into one HUGE ebook.

Collected Novels from the Dungeon


So there you go, my Darklings. It is priced at $5.25, which is a steal for something like a gazillion pages (945, according to Amazon).

If you've nabbed Above the Dungeon for free, the beautiful (and working) table of contents in the beginning of the Collection will allow you to skip right to book 2, Out of the Dungeon, and you may pick up right where you left off.

It is currently only available at Amazon, although I do intend to upload it to Smashwords when I get a chance, and then it will distribute to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks and so forth.

Have a kick-ass Halloween!

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