Thursday, December 31, 2015

SM Johnson ~ Love Letters ~ Freeeeedom

Wow, New Year's Eve - what can I say? Except no school for another THREE WEEKS - yay! I always knew I hated school. Dunno what sort of dummy I was to think it was such a great idea to go back, heh.

Note to self: Self, you hate school.

There. I've just successfully talked myself out of getting a doctorate degree.

So what is SM Johnson the AUTHOR doing these days?

Well... nothing all that exciting. With just a tiny window of school-less-ness, I decided to go with something super easy, like for instance, rewrite DeVante's Coven, with some crazy aspiration to publish it by the end of January. We shall see how that goes. I've figured out the new structure, and now I'm to the part where I actually need to re-write some stuff. Which might be fun. Or it might be really complicated, I'm not altogether sure yet, but I do know I was never terribly happy with the climactic scene the first time around.

I'm going to play with that a bit, and it's kind of weird and cool, knowing what I know about the future of all these characters, to get the opportunity to tighten things up in the "past."

Plus now that I've had some additional education, I understand Tony a little bit more (oooh, readers of DeVante's Children Revamped haven't even MET Tony yet - man, now there's a delicious thought!) Hahahahaha. Tony is... an interesting character who pretty much gets his own book later....

Okay. Enough on that.


And the end of 2015.

Man, this year. I can't even tell you. If I gave 2015 a word, that word would be Unexpected.

I can hardly wrap my head around all the crazy, terrible, wonderful, awful, beautiful, amazing things that happened this year. It's been like a roller-coaster, and to tell you the honest truth, I'm really fucking ready to get off this crazy ride.

But there's no way.

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If the next five months aren't a roller coaster ride, they'll be one of those crazy mountain roads with all the twists and curves and hairpin turns, and the warning signs won't say "downshift, steep grade ahead" they'll say, "Prepare to be wrong, all the fucking time."

I have some intense time as a student ahead, and I'll be learning from the toughest crowd there is. Wish me luck, boys and girls. I'm jumping into the new year with both feet.

Be safe out there Darklings, it's a war zone.


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