Friday, January 15, 2016

SM Johnson ~ Review ~ Finding Home by Jackie Weger

As my week winds down, I find myself seeking the sort of isolation that an introvert needs to re-energize. What I am doing right now is at my clinical internship is like... man, it's hard to explain. It feels like I've been given an opportunity to learn about something that could very well become my passion.  I've been exposed to such amazing and brilliant and valuable people, and they astound me.

But still. Social. And introverts can only take so much social. So when my week ends, I'm looking for good books. And this week I found a great one!

This one isn't dark or dreary or erotic. It isn't my usual fare whatsoever.

And yet -  delightful! I'm not going to rehash the plot, you can follow the links to Goodreads for that, but imagine if Dicey from Homecoming and Dicey's Song  (Cynthia Voigt) had been an adult searching for a good man to fall in love with her and take her and her siblings into his humble home.

Finding Home by Jackie Weger is kind of like that.

Phoebe's voice took a bit for me to get used to - or rather, took a bit for me to embrace her as an adult, because honestly, she sounds enough like I remember of Dicey to trip me up. I say this as a compliment - so don't go thinking this is a cheap knock-off - because Finding Home is definitely a story all it's own.

This book has spit and vinegar and and character and wit. I found myself laughing out loud several times. I read it in one extremely enjoyable sitting, and I highly recommend it for that moment when you're looking for a fun, engaging, and humorous male/female romance.

I won't be forgetting Phoebe and Gage anytime soon.

Monday, January 4, 2016

SM Johnson ~ Love Letters ~ Gearing up for Zach's Dungeon tale, with a dose of gratitude

So I was reading a sad and ungrateful letter of goodbye from an indie author, making an exit from the cruel, saturated-with-erotica indie publishing world... a prolific author, might I add, who has saturated the market with over 70 "books" since 2012, and isn't being paid his or her just rewards for all of this heavy-duty "work." I mean, if E.L. James can become a millionaire with just three books, why can't I? I know - E.L. James was a freakish fluke, right? Yeah. And don't forget the Twilight woman. That was a fluke, too. And JK Rowling. Total fluke.

As far as I'm aware, none of the above wrote and published 70 "books" in three years.

Oh. Why do I keep putting the word "book" in quotation marks? Just because it has a cover, a blurb, and a price tag, a book it does not make. 55 pages without a beginning, middle, and an end, or a plot and story arc that builds somewhat logically between the beginning and the end cannot be called a book. It is a cheat, a strategy to make money from readers.

Publishing 20 or more such works a year? A blatant chase after a dollar, and this does not an author make. This makes one-dimensional characters. Stories without plot. Wooden, ridiculous, cheesy-sounding dialogue. And whether a slew of 5-star reviews are solicited or outright faked, readers won't be fooled for long.

No wonder this person is disillusioned.