Tuesday, April 12, 2016

School Winds Down... and Life Ramps Up!

Good evenings, Darklings!

Just a quick update... a few more assignments to tweak and wrap up and I will be done with grad school - whoo-hoooo and Yay!

Yanno... I'm probably never going to have my old life back, much as I enjoyed it, but new horizons are interesting and interesting is fascinating in a whole new way.

I have been learning and growing in directions I never could have imagined

It's been a while since I released a full-length novel, and it will be awhile still. On deck is the 5th Dungeon installment, still untitled, and also a re-write of DeVante's Coven (fingers crossed on a fall 2016 release for both, but no hard and fast promises), and eventually the novel version of Reserved in 2017.

I had coffee with with "Chill"  today - a semi-autobiographical character from my dark novel Jeremiah Quick - and I am pleased to report that he is alive and well. So my apologies, my friend, for killing you in my book - I honestly never knew what became of you. Getting killed off in a book is sort of an unfortunate side-effect of having been in the life of a novelist. (shrug). No offense, I hope?

I am overall a little brain fried, so I'm going to stop here. But I never forget about you, my Darklings, and after a very busy April and May I expect to be able to post more often!


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