Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SM Johnson ~ Love Letters ~ H is for Homestretch!

I. Am. Almost. Done. With. Grad. School.

And it was almost as grueling as I expected.

There have been wonderful moments. Great colleagues. Amazing connections. A whole new life, no kidding. And as terrifying as it was to begin this journey, it's been worth every challenging step and every dang student loan.

I never ever ever thought I'd receive a Master's degree. And no, it's not a degree that has anything at all, really to do with writing. But yet, here I am.

Life, why you do these things?

Yes, I expect to be writing regularly again, very soon. Books, not blog posts (wink).

Thank you all for finding other books to read while I've been on this hiatus. I am confident, as always, that there is room for all of us to pursue this writing gig. After all, it takes me a day or two to read a book and a year or more to WRITE one.

And thank all of creation for that - because when I have a little down time, I want to read great books.

A few more weeks, my Darklings, and perhaps I will kickstart my writer motivation with an excerpt from the new Dungeon book! Watch for it.


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