Saturday, August 20, 2016

SM Johnson ~ project update ~ The New Dungeon

Good morning, my Darklings! I have been well, and I hope ya'll have been having a wonderful summer.

A quick update on the writing front...

DeVante's Coven (Revamped) has been to beta readers and I'm in the process of working through edits. I'm still on target to publish this one before the end of the month, and super pleased with the rewrite.

An interesting development on this series - I've more or less figured out where the next book starts, and it is not at all what I'd planned for Book 3, so that's weirdly exciting.

Writing is such an interesting process. Way back in, oh, 1991, when I started writing my first book ever, DeVante's Children, my plan for the vampire Roderick was that he would be nothing more than a catalyst between DeVante and Daniel. And then he was supposed to politely exit stage left and stop mucking up my stories.

Well. It seems as if Roderick will NEVER stop mucking up my stories, and while he was never supposed to even BE a main character, he has somehow become THE main character. And all this happened against my will.

Sometimes I feel as if the story isn't even mine - like I'm nothing more than a conduit. Heh.

Roderick is playful and wicked, but not too wicked... and he emulates the Vampire Lestat, although he isn't nearly old enough to compete on Lestat's level.

Okay, so there's the vampire update.

Now, what you're all waiting for (grin) and update on the next DUNGEON book.

Yep, I know it.

It goes like this.... a new idea! (ding-ding-ding-lightbulb).

Book FIVE is titled Aftermath. Well, technically it's titled The New Dungeon: Aftermath.

Ya'll probably know that Roman sold the club called Above the Dungeon to help pay Jeff's medical bills, right? Yeah. So the club has a new owner, and it's now simply called The Dungeon. Dare's cousin, Maddox-call-me-Doc, is the current manager. Doc comes up with a fun little thing called Members Only night, because the new club is kind of tame compared to the old club, and Doc thinks if he creates a safe play space, people will come.

Of course they will!

Like Thomas, Dare, and Zach. And an old friend from book 1 makes a reappearance with all kinds of complicated crap (and a kitten). Weird, hmm?

Kinky fuckery happens. Life stuff happens. You know my books. Well, okay, nothing as bad as someone breaking their neck happens, so don't get too nervous. But yanno... sometimes life kicks your ass.

So that's Aftermath. And it's about 2/3 written - so I'm right on target for a fall release. "Fall" meaning before November 1st, because, well, NaNoWriMo starts on November 1st.

And during NaNo I intend to complete the first draft of DUNGEON book 6, which will be titled Nervous. (Technically... The New Dungeon: Nervous).

And THIS book will be somewhat different, in that there's only ONE romantic/sexy pairing.

Gods, I know! How will I write a whole book with just one (or possibly two) point of view characters? Such a challenge!

You will get to know the guys in Nervous (Avery and Julian) very, very well. And it will be hot. Trust.

When I'm done with book 5, I'll find some photos and post and excerpt and introduce ya'll to Avery and Julian, but that's getting a little ahead of myself.

Oh, but just so you know, Avery's a member of The Dungeon... so don't spazz, you'll get to see what some of the other boys are getting up to now and then (grin).

Ok, so there's the update. DeVante's Coven will be released this month. The New Dungeon: Aftermath will be released by November 1, 2016. A Dungeon book with new characters will be released Spring or Summer 2017.

Oh! And depending how well I manage my schedule, Reserved, the short story, will eventually become a full novel.

Whew! I'm really excited!

Take care, my Darklings. Let's stay in touch!

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