Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SM Johnson ~ Strip Tour, an excerpt from DeVante's Coven

Well. This book will be released very soon, so I thought it might be fun to tease you a little bit. This excerpt is somewhat explicit... enjoy.

Excerpt from DeVante's Coven by SM Johnson

He stared at the bed and remembered the image he’d stolen from Reed’s mind. It turned him on, never mind he was already practically naked from the little game of strip-tour.

While Daniel took it all in, Reed stripped off his own clothes, came up behind him, and pressed his warm body full-length against Daniel’s back, arms draped over his shoulders, hands caressing his chest. Reed’s cock stirred against Daniel’s backside and Daniel leaned against him, fingering the smooth skin of Reed’s thighs, feeling his own cock ache.

Reed spoke. “You don’t talk much.”

Daniel smiled at him, suddenly embarrassed that he was so weird about studying a place before he could be comfortable. “Just taking it all in,” he said, and even to his own ears it sounded lame.

“The second bathroom is through there,” Reed gestured to the left. “And that’s the full tour, so now you can lose the shorts.”

With that he toyed with the waistband of Daniel’s underwear and then tugged them down. He urged Daniel to the bed and Daniel went, Reed’s body pressing against him until he lay flat on his stomach and Reed was heavy on top of him. And warm. The heat that humans generated was amazing. Hot skin, hot mouths, hot blood.

The heat between himself and Reed was extraordinary, very different from his sexual experiences with Roderick.

Sensation exploded into Daniel as Reed’s hot mouth explored the back of his neck, the side of his throat, and finally his ear. Daniel shuddered.

Reed slid off him and said, “Roll over.”

Daniel did, and Reed kissed him on the mouth. It was a slow, sensual kiss. Reed’s hands explored his body as his lips and tongue explored Daniel’s mouth. Fingers brushed through Daniel’s hair and caressed his neck, moving down to close tightly around Daniel’s cock. Reed’s heat flowed into him, and Daniel gave himself up to hands and mouth, content to ride the moment helpless, to feel what this man would have him feel. And still the kiss went on and on. Daniel moaned into it.

Reed broke the kiss at last and sat up, just looking at him for a few moments, then said, “You are adorable.”

Daniel grinned at him.

“But how old are you?”

Daniel instantly shut off the grin. “I told you, twenty-one.” But he was unnerved by Reed, by his own utter willingness to obey the man and he didn’t think he sounded convincing. He ducked his head, felt himself blush, and looked at Reed through lowered lashes. “Don’t look at me like I’m some dumb teenager.”

Reed’s mouth turned up in a sly smile. “You are a dumb teenager. Hitchhiking.”

“I’m twenty-one,” Daniel insisted, fighting the urge to cross his fingers.

“Right.” Reed brushed the back of his hand along Daniel’s jaw, just below the scars. “And I don’t believe it for a minute. You might,” he paused to peer at Daniel’s face, “might be nineteen. But I doubt it.”

Daniel shrugged. Reed could believe what he wanted to. Daniel wasn’t going to explain how he was eighteen in people years, plus two in vampire years.

He leaned up, pressed his face against Reed’s throat, and nipped at him. “Hey!” Reed exclaimed. “Don’t bite.”

Daniel let his smile shine. “Then be nice.”

Reed grinned back at him. “You don’t look like a boy with a vampire fetish.”

Daniel almost laughed out loud. Ahhh, if you only knew what you’d see if I let you. He said, “I don’t look like a lot of things. What do I look like?”

“A bright, fresh-faced all-American kid looking to tarnish his innocence. And that I can help you with.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes.” Reed leaned into Daniel, touching his cheek, then his chest, then the sides of his body, his movements so subtle that his weight was comforting, not uncomfortable, when he covered Daniel’s body with his own. “So,” he said, his breath soft across Daniel’s face. “Have you ever done this before?”

“Let myself be picked up by a complete stranger? I can’t say that I have.”

“I meant have sex with a man.”

“Oh. Well, I had a relationship with my guardian’s... um... son. But our thing kind of fizzled. He’s a lot older than me, and always had to be in control.”

Understatement. And he knew he was giving the impression with his offhand tone that it wasn’t a big deal, or maybe even that the sex wasn’t that great, although the tender moments with Roderick had been amazing. There just weren’t enough of them. Roderick always preferred blood over sex, so when they did get close in that way, it was because one manipulated the other, by bargain or agreement, so there was a level of obligation involved. It was never as spontaneous as this.

Reed must have read more into that than Daniel intended, because he touched Daniel’s left cheek, tracing the faint scars there. “Did he do this?”

Daniel shook his head, raised his own hand to push Reed’s away. When they were new, the claw marks on his face had been raised and bright red, but with the help from DeVante’s blood they had settled and faded to fine white lines. This amazing vampire body.

“Nah, that’s from an accident that happened a long time ago.” If he thought more about the bitch than that, he’d lose his erection.

Reed trailed a finger down Daniel’s chest, stopping to toy with his nipple. “I’m a lot older than you, too.” He pinched Daniel’s nipple, hard.

Daniel’s heart jumped. And his cock.

Reed’s words were clear and deliberate. “And make no mistake, lad, I am in control.”

“I know,” Daniel whispered, staring up at him. “I’m okay with that.”

Reed lifted his body and coaxed Daniel with his hands to lie on his stomach. Kneaded his shoulders, kissed his neck; trailing a line of kisses and gentle bites all the way down his spine until his mouth, his tongue, dipped right into... Daniel blushed to even think of it. Roderick had done the same thing to him once, a long time ago, and it had been just as embarrassing. He couldn’t imagine doing that to anyone, ever. And he felt a thrill of fear that he might be asked to return the favor. Reed’s tongue stabbing into him sent tremors through Daniel’s whole body, making his muscles tight and loose at the same time. Making him cry out Reed’s name, not even sure what he was begging for.

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