Saturday, September 24, 2016

SM Johnson ~ book reviews ~ Come Back to Me by Edmond Manning

Come Back To Me.

Is this a King book, a story of the Lost and Founds? It doesn't look like a King book, and it doesn't start like a King book, but I adore Vin Vanbly, and so I am going to trust him and follow where he leads.

I know that Vin is flawed. I know he has a dark and difficult past, a past that he insists has no bearing on the man he is today. Vin is always a bit sketchy about his past. Oh, we get clues here and there as we read about the Lost and Founds - we get a lot of clues along the way, but overall, we know Vin as a quirky but confident man, a man who brings out the best in other men, who reminds men of the kings they were meant to be.

Yes, Vin, I trust you.

Let's just take a second to recap thoughts when I first met Vin - here is my brief review of King Perry:

This book. O happy sigh. It is sweet. It is gentle. It is kindness and taking a risk and a leap of faith, and learning about trust and truth and happiness. Vin Vanbly asks Perry, a virtual stranger, to spend a weekend with him, and the condition is that Perry has to do everything Vin tells him to do. I know, sounds porny, right? But noooo, it's not at all. During the course of the weekend Vin tells Perry about some of the lost and found kings, and asks Perry to trust him over and over and over. This book is funny, and sad, and poignant, and just... a beautiful journey.

Buy it. Read it. You won't be sorry.

I'm going to suggest that I would say nearly the same words, in mostly the same order, for all of the Lost and Founds books, for all of the Kings, and that includes the latest released book, Come Back To Me.

If you're invested in Vin Vanbly, read this book.

It's darker than you want. Parts of it caused me grievous pain and heartache. Not that I could put it down.

I loved getting to know Kevin and Mark. I loved seeing Vin on his home turf, learning more about his work in the garage.

I had several surreal moments with this "home turf" stuff - I visited the Witches Tower in Prospect Park just one week before Come Back To Me was released. I'd never heard of the tower or the park before that day, and so it was with surprised delight that I was able to almost literally be there physically as I read the book. I knew the trees, the trail, the bench, exactly as described.

Read them. Read them all. Buy them in paperback so you can line them up all pretty-like on your bookshelf, and read them again when you're feeling lost. Edmond Manning will help you find yourself. Or at the very least, let you know you can be found.

Peace out, Darklings. Be safe and read good books.

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