Thursday, September 1, 2016

SM Johnson ~ New Release!~ DeVante's Coven (Revamped)

Good morning, good morning, good morning, my Darklings!

What a wonderful day!

DeVante's Coven is available for purchase at Smashwords, and soon to available at Amazon (maybe even later today).

Love bites…

When Roderick abandons new vampire Daniel to the care of his sire, DeVante, Daniel flounders under DeVante's attitude of benevolent neglect, and wonders how much autonomy DeVante will actually allow. Yearning for guidance and supervision, Daniel pursues Reed, a mortal man, and finds himself ensnared in a relationship rich with elements of BDSM.

Meanwhile, Roderick has fled to Las Vegas, where he saves the life of a young man named Tony by changing him to vampire. But when Tony wakes up, he doesn't act like a fledgling vampire should. And when the sun rises and Roderick sleeps his vampire sleep, Tony walks out into the daylight and goes home, where he accidentally changes his roommate Lily to vampire. Roderick wakes to find that he now has two brand new fledglings, neither of whom he can control. He panics and does the only thing can think to do; bring them to DeVante in San Francisco.

Vampires, mortals, and Tony, (who's something else altogether), are all beholden to DeVante for protection. An old friend becomes an enemy and the whole group is held for ransom. DeVante believes love makes him weak, but can the members of DeVante's little coven save themselves, in spite of their differences? And if they can, is that the definition of family?

It's been fun smoothing out the edges of my beloved second book ever written, but I'm super anxious to get back to working on The New Dungeon books.

As always, those who read or follow my blog have the opportunity to snatch this one for free until September 14, 2016. Follow the link to Smashwords and at checkout enter coupon code SD63Z.

I will be adding more buy links as DeVante's Coven (Revamped) goes live at more retail outlets.

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