Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SM Johnson~ Up Next! ~The New Dungeon: Aftermath

Up Next!
Tentative Release February 2017

The New Dungeon: Aftermath is nearly finished!

 More than 100,000 words of kinky happiness!

There's a new format this time around, and I do hope you all, my Darklings, will find it satisfying.

Instead of filtering multiple story-lines and POV changes throughout the book, I've edited Aftermath to give you each complete tale, one at a time, in "parts" more than chapters (but don't worry, there are chapter and section breaks, too!). 

All these guys are in wildly different relationship stages, with Dare, Zach, and Thomas in a maintenance stage, Doc and Tristan in a new relationship, and Roman and Jeff deepening their commitment to one another. Each story takes place in a similar bracket of time, but on edit, I discovered the jumping around from relationship to relationship was more distracting than tantalizing. 

This is also a great lead-in to how I plan to develop the continuation of the series - erotic romances with new characters, exploring new kinds of kink, but with each book devoted primarily to one particular romance pairing.

I'm hoping the next book, Nervous, will also be released in 2017, but that is neither here nor there.

The New Dungeon: Aftermath

Zach: What will it take for Zach to submit to Dom Thomas? Only the loss of everything he's counted on for stability in his adult life. Because Dare's the submissive one, right? Even if Thomas promised to take them both on, have them both on their knees at his feet. Surely he didn't mean it, not for real...

Doc: Some new kid comes into the Dungeon asking for membership. And he's asking for Doc by name and swearing up and down that he's a friend of Roman. He's pretty enough, yeah? With his red-stained lips and eyes rimmed with make-up, but something about his background check doesn't sit right, and Doc's busy - no time for trouble. Which is too bad, because Tristan's trouble with a capital T, and needs a Daddy more than anyone Doc has ever known. And everyone knows the reason they call Maddox "Doc" is because he likes to fix the weepy boys.

Roman: Jeff's nightmares are out of control, bondage still gives him panic attacks, and Roman's starting to wonder if there's something really wrong. What exactly is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and do Jeff's symptoms fit the criteria? They're both new to monogamy, and that part seems okay, but the constant battle to be kinky without throwing Jeff into a tailspin is exhausting and not at all fun. And kink is supposed to be fun. Roman knows Jeff is still kinky in his head - his book sales are proving that much, so maybe it's time for Roman to explore what Jeff is writing about... and use it against him. That's what the creative Dom would do.

Secret, Secret: One of Jeff's most popular stories, included as a bonus read!

Take heart, my Darklings, it'll be here by the time you've recovered from the holidays. Or at least by the time I recover from the holidays (grin).


Friday, December 16, 2016

For me, vampire writing begins and ends with Anne Rice

Dear Anne,

You frighten me. Time and time again I read your descriptions of works-in-progress and the next release, and I think to myself, "Good gawd, what the heck is she doing and how is she going to pull this off?"

Yeah. Like The Vampire Lestat and the lost city of Atlantis. The actual title is "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis."

Love me, with a fangirly squee.

I mean, ridiculous, right?

In a normal life (my old life?) I would have been rushing to a store somewhere on the oh, so holy Release Date and I would have the whole book read in 24 hours.

People (i.e. family members) would know better than to look at me sideways, ask for dinner, or laundry or ANYTHING until I had been allowed to devour this book.

In my new life... I noticed the book while buying weird stuff (like a sewing machine I don't have a single clue how to use) at Walmart (hate and detest Walmart, but there we were, because we needed fabric, thread, a sewing machine, bedding, liquid starch, and light bulbs) - and I SEE IT. The new Anne Rice book. My life is so insane that I TOTALLY FORGOT the oh, so holy Release Date.

The truth? No one does vampires better (for me) than Anne Rice.

Of course Anne Rice and Prince Lestat, together, can investigate Atlantis. And not make it even a little bit ridiculous.


"Think of our horror to discover the mythic story of a God who sent Himself in human form to the planet to die a horrific death through crucifixion to appease Himself with His own Incarnate suffering!"


"...idea that God Himself works through pain and suffering to "redeem" His creatures from His own wrath."


I love her.

Oh, I have been disappointed at times - after all, there's no rule that says we must adore every word our favorite author writes. But these "new" sorts of Vampire Chronicles, the ones that pull together the vampires into a supportive Court - these in which we are given to understand many points of view... especially as we are presumed to have memory of their histories and their backgrounds....

Yes, please.

More, please.

And most graciously, thank you.