Friday, December 16, 2016

For me, vampire writing begins and ends with Anne Rice

Dear Anne,

You frighten me. Time and time again I read your descriptions of works-in-progress and the next release, and I think to myself, "Good gawd, what the heck is she doing and how is she going to pull this off?"

Yeah. Like The Vampire Lestat and the lost city of Atlantis. The actual title is "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis."

Love me, with a fangirly squee.

I mean, ridiculous, right?

In a normal life (my old life?) I would have been rushing to a store somewhere on the oh, so holy Release Date and I would have the whole book read in 24 hours.

People (i.e. family members) would know better than to look at me sideways, ask for dinner, or laundry or ANYTHING until I had been allowed to devour this book.

In my new life... I noticed the book while buying weird stuff (like a sewing machine I don't have a single clue how to use) at Walmart (hate and detest Walmart, but there we were, because we needed fabric, thread, a sewing machine, bedding, liquid starch, and light bulbs) - and I SEE IT. The new Anne Rice book. My life is so insane that I TOTALLY FORGOT the oh, so holy Release Date.

The truth? No one does vampires better (for me) than Anne Rice.

Of course Anne Rice and Prince Lestat, together, can investigate Atlantis. And not make it even a little bit ridiculous.


"Think of our horror to discover the mythic story of a God who sent Himself in human form to the planet to die a horrific death through crucifixion to appease Himself with His own Incarnate suffering!"


"...idea that God Himself works through pain and suffering to "redeem" His creatures from His own wrath."


I love her.

Oh, I have been disappointed at times - after all, there's no rule that says we must adore every word our favorite author writes. But these "new" sorts of Vampire Chronicles, the ones that pull together the vampires into a supportive Court - these in which we are given to understand many points of view... especially as we are presumed to have memory of their histories and their backgrounds....

Yes, please.

More, please.

And most graciously, thank you.

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