Friday, February 24, 2017

SM Johnson ~ New Release! ~ Aftermath

Oh Happy Day!


Aftermath is FREE on Smashwords, right this minute!

The .mobi file looks lovely on my kindle, so let's hope the Amazon version is just as pretty when it becomes available in "up to 72 hours." (Amazon is a bit slower to go live than Smashwords).

Meanwhile, if you want to grab it for free, click THIS LINK 
and at checkout enter coupon code RJ92K

This coupon is available until March 14, 2017

Or buy for $3.99 at Amazon HERE

Whether you love it, hate it, or feel completely "meh" about it - please remember that reviews are always hugely appreciated!

Part I: Zach. All In. What will it take for Zach to submit to Dom Thomas? Only something sudden and shocking that rocks his stability. Because Dare’s the submissive one, right? Even if Thomas promised to take them both on, surely he didn’t mean it, not for real...

Part II: Doc. Somewhere In Between. Some new kid comes into the Dungeon asking for Doc by name, swearing up and down he’s a friend of Roman. He’s pretty enough, yeah? With his red-stained lips and eyes rimmed with liner, but something about his background check doesn’t sit right, and Doc’s too busy for trouble. Which is too bad, because Tristan is trouble with a capital T, and needs a Daddy more than anyone Doc has ever known. And everyone knows the reason they call Maddox “Doc” is because he likes to fix the weepy boys.

Part III: Jeff and Roman. Aftermath. Jeff’s nightmares are out of control, bondage still gives him panic attacks, and Roman’s starting to wonder if there’s something really wrong. What exactly is PTSD, and do Jeff’s symptoms fit the criteria? They’re both new to monogamy, and that part seems okay, but the constant battle to be kinky without throwing Jeff into a tailspin is exhausting. Jeff is still kinky in his head – his book sales prove that much, so maybe it’s time for Roman to explore what Jeff is writing about. After all, that’s what the creative Dom would do.

Secret, Secret: One of Jeff’s most popular stories, included as a bonus read!

Nearly 100,000 words!

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