Monday, October 2, 2017

SM Johnson - NEW RELEASE!~ Nervous

Hello my lovely Darklings!

Nervous, my first book ever with pre-orders, went live on October 1st, and I have been remiss in not giving you a COUPON yet.

I am sorry, sorry, sorry, and fixing that now!

So just for visiting my blog, you can get a free copy of Nervous from Smashwords until October 14th, 2017.

Click HERE and enter coupon code JF37Y at checkout.

Nervous is book 6 of the Dungeon Series, but this one can potentially stand on its own, so if even if you haven't read books 1 - 5, you should still read Nervous.

Hugs and smudges,

~SM Johnson

PS. Reviews and word of mouth are the most helpful tools to authors in getting the word out about a new book, so please take a moment to write a few words wherever you prefer to!

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