There. I said it.

SM Johnson...

... writes about vampires, kinky folk, and regular people - of all genders and sexual orientations. Some of her stories are damn naughty, and she never promises to be nice.

SM lives in northern WI with Alice and one husband, one child, one dog, and one cat. 
Her favorite winter activity is hibernating with a good book.

Hello, my darlings. Welcome to my quiet little blog.

The reason I say that I am not a romance writer is that although some of my stories contain romance, and I promise to write an ending (and not leave you hanging) - I cannot promise that it will always be a happily ever after ending.

About this blog:

I don't post with any regularity because life is messy.

What I post: Random ramblings, life updates, guest bloggers, featured fiction, author interviews, raves about awesome books, raves about awesome authors, and so on and so forth. I do bits of self-promotion, but honestly try to keep it minimal and mostly about new releases and new projects. I like shouting about other writers a lot more than the whole narcissistic sing-song  "I am good, I am great, buy my book, buy my book, buy my book."

I'm a kick-ass writer, but a sucky self-promoter. Trust.

Read my Smashwords interview for more about that.

 If you'd like to be featured or interviewed or offer an excerpt of your work to be featured on my blog, I'd be happy to hear from you. Please send me an email devante9901 at aol dot com with Hey SM or some such in the subject so I don't think it's spam.

WRITERS/BLOGGERS: I'm king of a tribe on Triberr (blog-sharing-circle-jerk-sort of thing) and my little corner is called The Darker Side (of fiction), So if you write/read/review the "dark stuff" - horror, erotica, horrotica, pervy shit, off-mainstream, shocking, twisted, and even just plain old vanilla GLBT - I would be more than happy to welcome you into my tribe and start sharing your blog posts with my twitter peeps. I'm always looking for the next fun shocker to offer the masses. So drop me a  line via email with your Triberr handle and I'll do my best to find you and send you an invite to my tribe.

Stalk me! - I'm pretty easy to find, either SMJohnsonWrites or devante9901 almost everywhere.

email: devante9901 at aol dot com
Twitter: @SMJohnsonWrites
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tumblr: devante9901


  1. Hi S.M.
    I want to thank you for the book Above the Dungeon, I won at Erotic Enchantment. It was very generous of you to share your talent with us readers. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


  2. You're so welcome, Suzanne! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm planning to release the 3rd dungeon book in late February 2013.

  3. Hi, I've read all three books of the dungeon series, and thought they were wonderful. You're a great writer. Just wondering if there will be a book four as I would love to know the story of Dare and Thomas. Sue

  4. Hi Sue - yes, I'm planning a book that features Dare and Thomas. There just wasn't time or space to do them justice in 3 in the Dungeon. I decided it was better to leave them to their beginning, then cheat you guys by rushing their relationship (smile). Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi,

    I adore your dungeon series and can't wait to dive into 3 in the Dungeon...but...I can't seem to find it to purchase. I see it on Amazon, but I must admit that I am not a fan of theirs. I've looked on Smashwords but can't find it there. Where can I purchase this one?

    1. Hi Erika - I screwed up and Three in the Dungeon will be hung up in Amazon's KDP Select program until roughly Sept 16. But if you send me an email at devante9901 at aol dot com, I'll get you a copy in whichever digital format works best for you!

  6. Hi SM - I love your page, and just joined your DarkSafe group on Goodreads. I hope you accept me to your fold ;) I'm a first time author myself, and I will write you in case you would be interested in my new erotic 'metaphysical' thriller - but I will send a private email since I have no desire to 'spam' you. I just hope you might be willing to check it out; I'm offering it free now for publicity purposes. But that aside, I love what you do, and hope to join your group. I will try to catch up on your books as I have the time; it all looks very interesting. Thanks!

  7. Hi SM,

    My name is Jeremiah Quick and I'm curious where your inspiration for the name came from?

    1. Hello, Jeremiah Quick! (Lovely name, btw, I do so adore it). There was a "real" Jeremy in my life for a very short time, and I have been trying to tell "his" story from the moment I lost him in, oh, 1998 or so. The problem was that I knew very little of his story, and thus had very little to tell. Our time together was quickly over, but his impact on ME - his cynicism, his ability to ask "cui bono" was something I had never encountered, nor was I brave enough to embrace when I was young.

      As I grew into a more skilled writer, I realized it wasn't his story I longed to tell, as much as it was the need to explore how much one person can change another person through the briefest of interactions.

      I had always romanticized Jeremy into "Jeremiah", and "Quick" just has this strong, sudden feel that was a perfect fit. And it's a bit mysterious, as names go.

      Thank you for the lovely question!