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What is this thing I'm subscribing to?

When you come to Me & Alice ~ SM Johnson Writes, you might see a gidget, gadget, widget thingamajig offering a chance to win a kindle book if you subscribe to my newsletter.

So what happens when you subscribe to my newsletter?

Everyone who subscribes will be shuffled and randomized and a great many per week will be gifted an Amazon copy of whichever book I am most desperately seeking reviews for. That's fair, isn't it?

If you win a free copy of a book, you're not obligated to read it, much less write a review, but I would really, really, really appreciate if you did both. And if you do write a review, you're not obligated to write a glowing review. An honest review is a hundred times more useful to potential readers than a fake nice review, so I'd really prefer the honest one.

I'm planning to give away ten books a week. This is not a bad deal. (Okay, so this is kind of a lie, I'm in graduate school and never quite get to checking on this every week, so I basically send everybody a free book, eventually).

What happens to your email address once I have it in my clutches?

Yeah. I'm gonna keep it for my newsletter.

How often am I going to annoy you with my newsletter?

Probably three or four times a year. And that will be mostly to shout at you happily that I have a new release coming out, then I'll send you links when it's been released. And then I'll probably send you a coupon code so you can read it for free. And I might ask for reviews, because I'm tricky that way.

So what happens when you've had enough and you finally say, "OMG, you stalker, how the heck do I get away from you?"

Just reply to the newsletter with the word "unsubscribe" and I'll remove you. This is going to be a low-budget non-automated operation. I'll figure out how to delete your email out of there. And if I screw up and send you an extra one and you complain, I'll send you another free book to make up for it. There, that'll teach you (grin).

Thanks, darklings. I'm all excited. I've finally found a way to stalk you back. Bwahahahaha!

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  1. I am probably never going to write a newsletter. I would like to, yes, but it has never happened yet.