What I'm Reading 2017

Here's the deal... when I love something, I write reviews. When I really love something, I write a blog post about it, and tweet it and so on and so forth. This list is mainly so I can keep track of what I've read, so I can steer clear of authors I didn't enjoy, so I can avoid "meh" reads. I just don't have time in my life to devote to mediocrity. This isn't a rip anyone up or tear anyone down space. It's not my place to do that, and I leave that sort of negative energy for people meaner than me.

There will be a lot of "DNF" notations. There always are. This means nothing more than that a book didn't grab my attention, and I moved on to something else. It doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't find that book perfectly enjoyable.

Links go to Goodreads whenever able, in my ever so feeble attempt to not support any one particular sales outlet.

1. Being Sawyer Knight - Nicola Haken (DNF)
2. Robert B. Parker's Silent Night (Spenser 41.5) - Helen Brann
3. One Right Thing (Marty Singer #3) - Matthew Iden
4. Robert B. Parker's Lullabye (Spenser 40) - Ace Atkins (great!)
5. Robert B. Parker's Wonderland (Spenser 41) - Ace Atkins
6. Livia Lone - Barry Eisler
7. Enigma - Nephy Hart (DNF)
8. Too Close - R. Phoenix
9. Inadvertent Disclosure - Melissa F. Miller
10. Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg
11. Grave Destinations - Lori Sjoberg
12. Blood Hound: Alexi Sokolsky 1 - James Osiris Baldwin (good!)
13. Robert b. Parker's Cheap Shot (Spenser 42) - Ace Atkins
14. Bourbon Affair - Eliza Gayle (DNF)
15. Call Me Daddy - Jade West
16. Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys 1) - Alessandra Hazard
17. Switched - N.R. Walker (DNF)
18. Just a Bit Obsessed (Straight Guys 2) - Alessandra Hazard
19. Blaire (part 1) - Anita Gray (DNF)
20. To Sir, With Love - Karyn Mitchell
21. Wisdom of Fools - Phil Harvey (odd shorts)
22. Injustice is Served - Reena Jacobs (odd shorts)
23. Straight Boy: A Short Story (Straight Guys 0) - Allesandra Hazard
24. Between These Sheets - Devon McCormack (just ok)
25. The Obvious - J Cassidy (DNF)
26. Cold Hearted - Winter Renshaw (DNF)
27. A Flaw So Beautiful - Alora Kate
28. Test Drive (Watchers Crew) - Ines Johnson (DNF)
29. Heal Me: Club Surrender-book 1 (Men of Eros Inc.) - A.C. Nixon (DNF)
30. The Flight of the Pickerings - John Heide (DNF)
31. Hopebreaker (The Great Iron War #1) - Dean F. Wilson (good!)
32. Burn Artist: An Alexi Sokolsky Supernatural Thriller - James Osiris Baldwin
33. Release Me (The Stark Trilogy, Book 1) - J. Kenner (DNF)
34. Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1) - J.R. Ward (DNF)
35. After the Break - Andrea John (DNF - just too "het romance" for me)
36. Whispers and the Roars - K Webster (DNF)
37. Only the Truth - Adam Croft (DNF)
38. Crown of Lies - Pepper Winters (DNF)
39. Taking Turns (the Turning Series Book 1) - JA Huss (DNF)
40. The Call of Agon: An Epic Fantasy Adventure - Dean F. Wilson (DNF)
41. The Banshee's Embrace - Victoria Richards (DNF)
42. Rook (Bridge and Sword: Awakenings #1)- JC Andrijeski 
43. Incanta: Soul Catcher - Avie Adams (loved this!)
44. Four Perfect Pebbles - Lila Pear and Marion Blumenthal Lazan
45. The Winter Lady (Slayer's Saga Book 1) - LB Clark (love Finn)
46. Bitten: Nova - Kim Faulks and Michelle Fox (meh)
47. The Beach Lawyer - Avery Duff (good!)
48. A Criminal Defense - William L. Myers Jr.
49. Black of Mood - JC Andrijeski
50. Pennies (Dollar Book 1) - Pepper Winters (meh)
51. The Spike - (Marty Singer #4) - Matthew Iden
52. Just a Bit Unhealthy(Straight Guys 3)- Alessandra Hazard
53. Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Guys 4) - Alessandra Hazard
54. Damaged (Kate Lange #1) - Pamela Callow (DNF)
55. A Coronation of Kings- Samuel Stokes (DNF)
56. The Locksmith (Mindjack Origins #5) - Susan Kaye Quinn (meh)
57. Interface: Technology Will Change Us - Tony Batton (good!)
58. A Company of Roses - Megan Goodenough (!)(GREAT!)
59. Shield (Bridge and Sword: Awakenings #2) - JC Andrijeski
60. The First Word - Isley Robson
61. A Woman Misunderstood - Melinda Clayton (good)
62. Sword (Bridge and Sword: Awakenings #3) - JC Andrijeski
63. Serenity (Shelby Alexander series) - Craig A. Hart (DNF)
64. Amish Vampires in Space - Kerry Nietz (DNF)
65. Mischief in Italy: A romantic comedy - Beate Boeker
66. Blessed Are the Wholly Broken - Melinda Clayton
67. Irretrievably Broken (Sasha McCandless #3) - Melissa F. Miller
68. S is for Serial - D. K. Greene

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